What Cycle of Life are You In?

I know we cannot change people; we cannot fix people, all we can do is uplift them, teach them and show them paths that have worked for me and for many.

All we can do is Transform ourselves, to be better human beings, better servers, better teachers and to do that, I need to engage with teachers that will teach me what I need in order for me to get where I want to go.

TRANSFORMATION is the word. And that’s what happened this weekend in Teacher Training Level 2 Kundalini: Life Cycles & Life Styles. As a woman it confirmed and showed me the different stages/cycles I have passed through out my life in consciousness, intelligence and in energy.yoga mat

It is amazing how as we age, life starts shifting, moving, scrolling and changing in every aspect. We get more wisdom, so if we work on ourselves every day we can be better servers to this world and to our love ones.

Women what I want to share with you is this:

  • LOVE YOURSELF (no selfishness).
  • HIT THE WEIGHTS; be strong to lift yourself and others up.
  • GET SOME RESISTANCE; do cardiovascular exercises, life might take you to situations that you need to endure.
  • STAY FLEXIBLE both on the mat and outside of it, life will give you moments where you just have to flex your mind, your body on any given situation.
  • EAT CONSCIOUSLY; choose your foods that will nourish you, that will take you to your own health and happiness. Eat accordingly to your age.
  • Be your best friend and BREATH.

With Love 🙂

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