Supermarket Tour with Diana


 “Let Food be your medicine & Medicine be your food” Hippocrates



** It was great, I found healthier things to eat by learning how to read the labels. I enjoyed everything, specially learning about the healthier carbs, like breads and pasta.

Thank you Diana

Lucy Esquenazi

** It was very informative. It gave good facts on products we consume daily. I was never used to read the nutrition facts and Diana thought us what to look for in the ingredients.
Leonor Etably

** It was very informative, educational, fun. Diana was very patient and answer all questions.
Juliana Brydon

**This tour was very good, a lot of detail, Diana adressed every question until there was no confusion.
I enjoyed the bread and wheat part because I was really confused with the different types.
Carlos Yanguas

** I thought the workshop was great. It was very educational. I enjoyed the energy testing she did on me with the different foods to see if they were beneficial to my health or not. That technique is amazing!!!!
Janice Parets

This past week’s “Eat Well, Be Well Super Market Tour” was outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to all participants for the great feedback.

I want to take the opportunity to share one interesting question I got this Tuesday:
Is the sugar of an orange juice the same as an orange? Aren’t they natural sugars???

Juices have a lot of added sugars, about 8 to 9 teaspoons per glass (in 8 ounces) and less fiber. This sugar that is added to the juices is called fructose, a type of carbohydrate that will raise your insulin levels, causing you to easily gain weight.
Orange juice is the outcome of taking many oranges (some of them damaged) and processing them. Also, many additives are used to preserve its shelf life and freshness.
The benefits of eating a whole orange are that it has fiber, vitamins and its nature of an earth product. Does it have sugar? Yes, but this one is not added and combined with the fiber of the fruit, moderating insulin release.
Eating fruits is ok as long you are healthy, no diabetes or weight problems.