Transformation. TOTAL

The Power of ONE word Determination

Be You, Be Fit by creating Healthy & Happy Habits from the inside out.

Discover how to lead your HEALTH and LIFE FOREVER!!!

“The difference between the impossible and the possible
lies in a man’s DETERMINATION.” Tommy Lasorda.

Does any one of these applies?

  • You are unhappy with your body weight
  • You want to be strong and tone
  • You’ve done many diets with NO results
  • You feel tired often
  • You don’t have time to take care of your health
  • You’re not sleeping well
  • You feel stressed and/or moody

If One or More Apply, Keep Reading:

Did you Know: That your body is your TEMPLE?
In order to lighten it up, to keep it energized, we must balance it in every aspect:
Physically, Spiritually and Emotionally.

“I DEEPLY BELIEVE” that when we consciously work hand in hand with our body and mind is when we reconnect with our Powerful Goddess. For that to happen we need to achieve/learn habits that will stay with us, that will adapt to our daily living.


In order to make a true habit in our lives we literally must have these 3 components:

Knowledge, Skill and Desire.

Knowledge is the theoretical component that is: WHAT and the WHY to do it.
Skill is the practical side of HOW to do it
Desire is the motivation side, the WANT to do it

For these 3 things to happen you need to put your time and effort.

 With this program you will become independent and responsible of your own wellbeing FOREVER.

What this Program is NOT:

  •  It is not a quick fix program.
  • It’s NOT “The Diet”
  • It’s NOT the ultimate “Pill”

What is The Transformation.TOTAL 40 Day Program?

It’s a jumpstart to create healthy habits that will stay with you forever.
It’s specially designed for each person as we are all individuals.

While you:

  • Lose weight
  • Gain muscle and shape your body
  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Balance your hormones
  • Create energy
  • Clean the clutter from your body and mind
  • Connect with your inner Goddess
  • Love and accept yourself
  • Sleep amazing

Why 40 Days?

  • Forty has been known throughout history as a mystical number.
  • 40 days is considered a sacred period of time and is often referred to in the bible and other ancient texts as the amount of time required for enacting change.
  • Doing something for 40 days can make or break a habit.

The Transformation.TOTAL Program Includes:

  • 15 or 21 Personal Training Sessions for The 40 Day Program
  • Supermarket Tour , Learn How to shop, read and understand ingredients
  • Physical, Nutritional & Spiritual Training
  • Individualized Nutritional Plan
  • Coaching via email, message, FB… whateva
  • 30 minute phone call weekly to keep track of your progress
  • My 123% Coaching and TOTAL Commitment to YOU from my heart = PRICELESS!!!


Antes de comenzar el programa de transformación en 40 días estaba un poco indecisa porque pensé que se trataba de un régimen muy duro donde probablemente iba a pasar hambre, pero una vez en el programa me convencí de que el cambio se trataba de otra cosa: Conocer mi cuerpo .

El cambio lo pude notar en las primeras 2 semanas. La ropa me quedaba grande y por supuesto la mejor parte de todo tuve que ir a comprar ropa nueva de menor talla. Me siento muy agradada cuando me paro frente al espejo. Definitivamente me gusta como me veo. Los buenos hábitos adquiridos durante el programa los he incorparado a mi vida diaria y definitivamente no he sido solo yo la beneficiada, mi familia tambien.

Los cambios en mi salud los note de inmediato, mucho mas energía y la regularidad para ir al baño. La meditación y el escribir fueron elementos importantísimos para disminuir el stress y conciliar el sueño.
Lo que mas me gustó del programa fue haber aprendido y haber logrado tanto en tan solo 40 días. Quiero agradecer a Diana por sus enseñanzas, entusiasmo, cariño y dedicación.

Recomiendo el programa 100% y voy a incentivar a mi familia y amigos para que tomen el reto.  Dania

Dania FB


-Diana my husband is impressed with my Transformation.TOTAL, I cry of Happiness because for long time my self esteem was down.

You have taught me a lot, not just what I can see but what I can feel. I was depressed, now I feel loved, important and I feel content with everything.
Thanks for guiding me into the path of learning how to appreciate and take care of myself in every aspect of my life.”









Diana thanks:

What a huge change I saw in my body after two weeks, I totally was impressed, I realized in that moment that my investment was worth it. Now I am happy because the clothing that I wanted to wear now they fit me. Also in the mornings  when I look at myself in the mirror, I love what I see, I am happy with my figure.This Transformation.TOTAL program was a success!










I Lived it, I Experienced it and I Struggled with it. I’m with you!!!

My Story:

At 12 years I was struggling with weight problems. At that age all I wanted was to be accepted, and fear was surrounding me all over.

I suffered from Binge Eating (This disorder is characterized by compulsive overeating).Yes I was shy and in need for help.

At 15 my Mom took me to my first nutritionist doctor. He started with a “Diet”, which I did and suffered each and every single minute…Why? I was hungry, stressed out by keeping track of the time till my next meal. Yes, I lost weight, but then I gained it back quickly.
And the story continued with a few more doctors.

I took amphetamines (Appetite Suppressants) as a college student, and then again Binge eating appeared.
As a result of this Yo-Yo Diets my Thyroid started to slow down, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and later with Hashimoto Disease.

The fearful child in me wanted it to step out of that body I was trapped on and empower herself, to live with confidence, to be strong and to wear low rise jeans pants, tennis and a tee shirt, not those big shirts and a sweater around my waist to cover my butt. 🙂

That’s why I am here, that’s why I do what I do. I became my own teacher I found my guide and I would love with all my heart to share it with you.

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