Purification of the physical body of a person with the help of a solution of A1A2A3 "

Cleansing the body allows creating prerequisites for the proper functioning of the whole organism. Our body is constantly renewed and self-regenerating, but the accumulated slags interfere with the full flow of these processes, so they must be removed. For example, due to the enema solution A3 cleansing of the large intestine, we normalize the blood, restore the acid-base balance in the cavity of the large intestine, and in general in the abdominal cavity, normalize the microflora of the large intestine, and hence the immune defense of the body. Cleansing the liver with A1 solution leads to normalization of blood circulation throughout the body, restores all kinds of metabolism (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, hormones, etc.). Solution A1 with the use of cleanses the kidneys, allows to restore acid-base balance in the whole organism, normalize water-salt metabolism. Cleansing with a solution of frontal and maxillary sinuses from the liquid and compressed mucus promotes restoration of the function of the brain. Finally, such cleansing methods as A1A2 A3 solution allow each cell to be purified from toxins, and the whole organism from old, weakened cells, mutant cells, restores the immune system, activates the enzymatic apparatus. Only qualitatively having made clearing of an organism, we can wait from an organism of normal, highly effective work. as a solution of A1A2 A3 allow you to clean each cell of the slag, and the entire body from old, weakened cells, mutant cells, restore the immune system, activate the enzymatic apparatus. Only qualitatively having made clearing of an organism, we can wait from an organism of normal, highly effective work. as a solution of A1A2 A3 allow you to clean each cell of the slag, and the entire body from old, weakened cells, mutant cells, restore the immune system, activate the enzymatic apparatus. Only qualitatively having made clearing of an organism, we can wait from an organism of normal, highly effective work.

The tonic drink A1A2A3 allows to carry out not only restoration, but also strengthening, perfection of an organism in the most effective way, with a minimum of expenses, creating conditions in which the physical body of the person developed most quickly and effectively. After cleaning the body, proper nutrition helps a person build their own organism, adapting it to the requirements of external conditions as much as possible, normalizing its vital principles. Solution A1, is bioenergetics and biosynthesis in the human body, which allow you to actively influence the processes occurring in cells and tissues, the body, purposefully activating and maintaining them at a high level.

In addition, a lot of other means and factors affecting the quality of the healing process have been analyzed, but the foregoing is the main generally accepted technology of improving the human body. The developed technology refers to the cleaning of the physical body. But man has not only a physical body, but also an energy-information form of a person in which our consciousness, feelings, memory, energy, which makes the body move and control it, are located. 
The created cleaning system "Anarbek" is not a medicinal product, but many people, getting better, recovered from the diseases listed below.


Chronic prostatitis is characterized by the fact that very small closed pustules appear in the prostate gland, which periodically inflame. Treatment with antibiotics in this case does not give a sustainable result, because it is not enough just to kill pathogens, it is also necessary to drain (drain) pus from the focus of inflammation. Otherwise, after a very short time the inflammation will repeat again.

Foreign bodies are excreted from the body with a current of lymph. The problem is that the pelvic organs often have stagnation caused by insufficient mobility. Therefore, the first task that must be solved to get rid of chronic prostatitis is to restore the natural lymphatic drainage, and with this task the purification system "Anarbek" copes simply brilliantly.

The second important point in the treatment of chronic forms of prostatitis is the restoration of circulation in the pelvic organs and the prostate gland. This is extremely important, because the blood flow ensures the delivery of antibodies produced by the body, designed to suppress inflammatory processes. In other words, in the absence of a normal blood supply, the defenses of the body are unable to perform their task, since they do not have direct access to the inflammatory focus. The drink "A1, A2, A3" activates the blood flow in the pelvic organs of the man, helping the natural defense of the organism to suppress the infection.


The main source of infection with intestinal trematodes and other types of parasites is not boiled meat and non-thermally processed dairy products. After the person has become infected, he can transmit parasites to other people through blood, saliva, the person is infected with eggs of leaf-shaped trematode. They are very small. And these larvae begin to lay eggs - millions of eggs in the human body, if the liver and immune system are weak and can not kill the parasites in the blood, and the organs - lungs, liver, prostate gland and others - are filled with toxins from heavy metals from food, water, chemical fertilizers. Eggs from larvae (they are called "radium") can be attached to them. Perhaps propyl alcohol, used in the composition of alcoholic beverages, dissolves the egg shell, and the parasite begins to grow directly into the tissue where the egg was. During its growth, the parasite releases a growth factor (orthophosphotyrosine), which helps them reproduce. This growth factor acts on surrounding cells and encourages them to unrestrained fission along with parasites. But if you release the body from these parasites, then the growth factor that stimulates cells to divide. The first cause of this disease lies in improper nutrition due to the body's slag, especially the liver. And the elimination of the root cause is the purification of the body with the drug "AnarbekA1.A2.A3". The first cause of this disease lies in improper nutrition due to the body's slag, especially the liver. And the elimination of the root cause is the purification of the body with the drug "AnarbekA1.A2.A3". The first cause of this disease lies in improper nutrition due to the body's slag, especially the liver. And the elimination of the root cause is the purification of the body with the drug "AnarbekA1.A2.A3".

Diseases of the pancreas

The pancreas is reliably protected, but slag and toxins, as well as improper digestion, can disrupt its operation (some products require it to work hard - refined and concentrated sugar). Hence, the task of the "first stage of treatment" is purification and restoration of damaged pancreatic cells. The system perfectly copes with this task by applying cleansing of the large intestine. Separate diet and periodic hunger help restore the activity of the pancreas.

In addition to the above, it is recommended to use the drug "Anarbek" A1.A2 A3. for better detoxification. To consolidate the results, you must continuously hold at least three courses.

Diseases of the small intestine

The small intestine is a very important organ of digestion. Here, the main processes for digestion and absorption of food occur. The full value of human nutrition depends on them. But the activity of the small intestine depends on how the food was processed in the higher lying parts of the digestive system. Therefore, in order to disappear diseases in the small intestine, you must observe the entire technology of digestion.

At the first stage it is necessary to undergo purification and antiparasitic treatment. With this very well handles the cleaning system Anarbek. A1.A2.A3.

Diseases of the large intestine

Wrong food, parasites, excessive emotions, lack of motor activity are the main causes leading to diseases of the large intestine. If there is a malfunction in his work, then a huge number of slags from it enter the bloodstream and quickly slag the entire body, creating the prerequisites for the development of a wide variety of diseases.

For the improvement of the large intestine, I propose first of all to purify it with a solution of A1 A2A3 and get rid of parasites.

Bronchial asthma

Bronchial asthma is a chronic disease, the main symptom of which is an attack of suffocation, resulting from a spasm of smooth muscles of the edema of the bronchial mucosa.

Medicine notes several causes of bronchial asthma. But the result of all of them is the manifestation of the same symptom: an attack of suffocation (usually at night), which can last from several minutes to several days. During an attack, the breath becomes short, and the exhalation is elongated. Dyspnea, coughing. During the heat period (choking), a cough with hard-to-separate viscous sputum (vitreous sputum), at the end of the attack the amount of sputum increases and it leaves easier.

Bronchial asthma is nothing more than an attempt by the body to retain carbon dioxide, which can be washed out for a variety of reasons. Carbon dioxide in the body of the bronchus performs a number of important functions. The body is protected from excessive washing out of carbon dioxide from tissues, blood in that it narrows (spasm) and produces an increased amount of special, difficult to separate mucus in the lungs.

It is noticed: as soon as the amount of carbon dioxide reaches the norm, spasms pass, and mucus easily separates spontaneously!

The difficulty of treating bronchial asthma is that it serves as the root cause of a decrease in carbon dioxide in the body. If these are not infectious allergens (substances that can cause an allergic reaction), such as pollen, drugs, insect bites, food, etc., then the treatment is one. Complete purification of the body with the help of Anarbek A1.A2.A3 and normalization of nutrition. We need to stay away from non-infectious allergens.

As an addition to the above, you can use Anarbek A1, A2, A3 which first will help clear bronchi and alveoli of the lungs from mucus and relieve inflammation.


Infection with the causative agent of pulmonary tuberculosis often occurs with each of us, but the disease, fortunately, does not develop very often. 
Because of the contamination of the body and the intervention of medicine (drugs), the intestinal microflora is disturbed, which disturbs the gas exchange. 
Instead of releasing carbon dioxide and CO2, carbonic acid is released that damages the lungs, bronchi and respiratory tracts, at the cellular level, this necrosis, destruction, respectively, weakening of cell immunity, where it is easy to develop a Koch's stick that a person receives in most cases through the air.
If the human immune system works well, the tubercle bacillus will be destroyed inside the immune cells, the infection can not spread, and the inflammation focus itself will be limited - this ends the infection and lung tuberculosis does not occur.

Anarbek A1.A2.A3 recommends in this case to conduct a complete cleansing of the body, and then - to stimulate protective forces through proper and adequate nutrition, using body-strengthening procedures. Until full recovery, you must hold at least two courses.

Diseases of the gallbladder

Most diseases of the gall bladder arise from the penetration into it of various kinds of parasites - from microbes to worms and from malnutrition (uncharacteristic foods, food for the night, chaotic drinking after meals, etc.). All sorts of stresses, especially associated with irritation and discontent, disrupt the nervous work of the gallbladder in coordinating bile secretion. On the basis of all of the above, digestion is very bad, constipation develops.

The first stage of treatment of gallbladder diseases is antiparasitic treatment through "Anarbek A.1.A2.A3". The normalization of nutrition is combined with cleansing (nutrition should be coordinated with biorhythms of the digestive tract, natural products).

Are good for the application of "Anarbek.A1.A2.A3", helping the body cope with detoxification and removing excess cholesterol (from it the bile thickens - seals are formed, which gradually turn into gallstones stones).

Diseases of the stomach

In order for the stomach to work normally, it is necessary to clear it of pathogenic microorganisms and normalize the division (acidity, etc.). Microorganisms can be perfectly influenced. With regard to the normalization of juice and acidity, here, without Anarbek A1.A2.A3 is indispensable and separate nutrition helps to facilitate the work of the stomach and enable it to self-repair. Good periodic fasting (2-3 days in every two weeks). This is an excellent remedy for restoring the stomach.

In addition to the above, it is recommended to use Anarbek A1.

Treatment of constipation

Constipation is atonic and spastic. Atonic constipation arises from the general lethargy of the large intestine. Spastic - from the wrong operation of the dampers located in the large intestine. As a result, a spasm develops in one part of the intestine, interfering with the patency of fecal masses. And in its other part - expansion in the form of a bag. Treatment for both types of constipation is completely different. Atonic constipation can be treated with cleansing and proper nutrition with an abundance of biologically active substances. Spastic treatments are treated by relaxation, calm, working on their emotions.

Treatment of atonic constipation should begin with cleansing of the large intestine. As an additional tool, it is good to use Anarbek. A1A2. A3. The total duration of the course is 30 days. To consolidate the results during the year, it is necessary to hold at least three courses.


Atherosclerosis is a disease of the arteries, which is characterized by the deposition of fatty proteins (lipoproteins, mainly cholesterol) in the wall of the vessels, followed by the proliferation of connective tissue and the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in these areas. Atherosclerosis is most often the cause of heart attack, thrombosis of the oz, cerebral hemorrhage and lower limb gangrene.

Until recently, doctors thought that the causes of this disease lie in overeating, especially fat-saturated food and a person's predisposition to this disease. However, the latest studies began to refute these conclusions. The cause was found in pathogenic microorganisms inhabiting human blood. They live in arterial blood, settle on the walls of the arteries, form colonies on them. At the same time, the walls of the arteries "hole", which are subsequently replaced by "proliferation of connective tissue". Therefore, the first place in the emergence of atherosclerosis are infectious factors. Bacteria, hitting the body in childhood from normal angina, slowly develop in it, spreading with blood flow and forming colonies. Approximately to the elderly, senile age, this process is gaining strength and gives visible consequences in the form of heart attack, stroke, heart weakness, blockage of the arteries and the whole bunch of diseases associated with it. Proceeding from this, it is suggested cleansing the body first, then replenishment of the body with the missing micro-macro elements with the help of the drug "Anarbek.A1, A2 A3" and the restoration of the vascular bed. At least 2 courses are required.

Heart weakness (chronic heart failure)

Pathogenic microorganisms like to settle in the heart. You probably heard that after angina and some other infectious diseases of the common cold, "complications on the heart are given." These are the consequences of improper antibiotic treatment. Bacteria, fleeing antibiotics, "go" into such tissues of the body, where the least metabolism and antibiotics do not enter it. Usually it is the tendon tissue of the walls of the arterial vessels and the heart.

Having penetrated into the connective tissue, the bacteria cover themselves with a protective capsule, in which they can multiply, destroying the structure of the artery, heart valves, etc. This work lasts for years, and as a result, vascular pathology or heart failure develops.

Heart weakness is characterized as the inability of the heart to provide a normal rate of blood flow in the body. From this, tissues begin to suffer because of a lack of oxygen and a high content of carbon dioxide. Roughly speaking, there is some strangulation of the body - there is blue lips, fingers of the extremities. Since a weak heart swings less blood than a healthy one, the blood stagnates before the left ventricle in the lungs, which leads to shortness of breath, coughing from respiratory tract irritation and in severe cases to pulmonary edema. With the further development of the disease, the blood stagnates in a large circle of blood circulation, which causes swelling of the legs. In this case, due to a strong general slagging of the body, heart diseases appeared.

In order to help the body with this disease, it is necessary to restore microcirculation and impaired metabolism in the heart muscle. For this purpose, the drug "Anarbek A1.A2 A3" works very well.

Impaired heart rate

Arrhythmias can occur with any heart disease, and therefore they are widespread. It is suggested, in this case for the purification of blood vessels, restoration of blood microcirculation and impaired metabolism in the heart muscle, 
to pass at least 2 courses with the drug "Anarbek A1A2 A3", plus proper nutrition and exercise.

Varicose veins, thrombophlebitis

These diseases - the consequences of violation of venous circulation due to liver contamination. Not the last role in the development of these diseases is played by microparasites living in the blood. Then, first of all, it is necessary to cleanse the body (the large intestine, especially the liver). Already this alone will prevent internal vascular clotting of the blood, remove the inflammatory process and improve peripheral circulation by using the drug "Anarbek A1.A2.A3". Now it is necessary to restore microcirculation, strengthen the vascular walls and valves in the veins of the legs. To this end, it is necessary to make regular walks, starting from 15-20 minutes and gradually bring up to 1-1,5 hours a day.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic disease associated with inflammation of the tendon tissue (mainly the joints). 
In the initial period of the disease there is a slow increase in the changes on the part of the joints, then a disturbance in the nutrition of the tissues and damage to the internal organs is attached.

This form of arthritis is more common in women than in men. Rheumatoid arthritis affects people mostly between the ages of 20 and 50, although it can occur at any age.

I believe that the onset of this disease is of an infectious nature. Moreover, for the onset of the disease, general fatigue is typical, especially on waking (in the morning), malaise, stiffness, soreness, which is felt after the gradual emergence of local symptoms of pain, swelling. In most cases, the disease affects several joints at once, especially the joints of the upper and lower extremities. As a rule, weakness and fatigue, loss of appetite and weight are noted. Often the patients become cold and sweaty arms and legs. Over time, joint mobility may be lost, relapse of joint deformation may occur. In addition, in addition to the symptoms associated with joint changes, the patient may experience other changes, such as subcutaneous cones, inflammation of the eyes, pleurisy and anemia (all symptoms,

Proceeding from the above, it is necessary first of all to rid the body of the infection, to remove inflammation and to strengthen immunity. All this by cleansing the body and proper nutrition. It is recommended to use the drug "Anarbek A1.A2.A3". The total duration of the course is 30 days. To consolidate the results, you must continuously drink, at least three courses. After this, it is necessary to restore microcirculation and normal metabolism in bone and cartilaginous tissue. At this stage, massage is applied, a large number of movements in the affected joints.


Gout is considered a disease associated with a violation of the exchange of nitrogen-containing compounds (uric acid, etc.) and the accumulation of excess uric acid in the body. When the level of uric acid in the body increases, its content in the joint fluid also increases, and after reaching a certain concentration, crystals of its salts begin to precipitate. Especially often this process is observed in the joints of the toes. The first cause of this disease lies in improper nutrition due to the body's slag, especially the liver. And the elimination of the root cause is the purification of the body with the drug "AnarbekA1.A2.A3". After the normalization of nutrition (elimination of animal protein foods and a general reduction of plant proteins), I recommend the reception of a large number of fresh juices, regular courses of fasting (3-5 days once a month), visiting the steam room. Duration of the course is 30 days.

Lumbalia, fractures of bones and scoliosis

Lumbalia is an extremely unpleasant, and sometimes rather severe back pain. The main cause is the wear and tear of the vertebral column joints (especially the intervertebral discs). Thinning of intervertebral discs leads to the fact that with an unexpected load on the spinal column (for example, when lifting two buckets of water, carrying something heavy, etc.), the intervertebral disc "sags". The lumen between the two vertebrae (mainly in the lumbar region) is sharply reduced, and the nerve roots are squeezed. This causes severe back pain. Further, the muscles of the back contract in order to eliminate movement and pain in this department. From this, muscular spasm develops rapidly - a man is twisted, and constant pains arise. Everyone is already aching in the lumbar region.

Treatment consists in very fast statement of vertebrae on the places. This prevents the development of inflammation of the nerve roots and quickly leads to the normalization of the condition. In neglected cases, warming up, a massage to relax the muscle spasm and correct the vertebrae. In the future, it takes some time not to wear anything heavy, to strengthen the muscular corset with exercises with hanging on the crossbar.

In the future it is necessary to cleanse the body with the drug "AnarbekA1.A2.A3", especially the liver. It is necessary to change the structure of nutrition so that it contains an abundance of elements for building cartilaginous tissue. The drug A1 helps restore cartilaginous and bone tissue. The course of treatment is 30 days. Depending on the extent of the lesion, they can be reduced or enlarged. To fix the result, you must drink at least two courses.


Osteoporosis ("osteo" - bone, "poros" - rarefaction) means a gradual decrease in bone density. This process is natural, but it should not reach painful scales. In a number of cases, under the influence of various factors, the accelerated development of this condition occurs, and complications associated with fractures of the bones occur.

In this case, it is necessary to conduct a general rejuvenation of the body with the purification of the drug "Anarbek A.1.A2.A3".

Inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract

This is due to the spread of the urinary tract infection (bladder, urinary-emitting canal, external genital organs), inflammatory diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms. The main symptom of this disease is a burning sensation when urinating, as well as frequent urination. In this case, the infection can be accompanied by pain in the lower back, fever, pain over the pubic area. In the urine, there may be blood. In rare cases, this disease can occur without any symptoms. Urinary tract infections develop more often in women than in men. The treatment of this disease is aimed at fighting infection and inflammation. Simultaneously, it is necessary to increase the immune defenses of the body. At the subsequent stages of treatment, it is necessary to restore the mucous membranes of the urinary tract and stimulate the body to self-repair.


The prostate gland (prostate) produces a seminal fluid in which spermatozoa are found. The gland is located under the bladder and covers the urethra coming out of it. With age, the prostate gland increases in size and due to its location makes it difficult to urinate. Thus, prostate adenoma is a disease that is a benign growth of the gland tissue. Disease is observed in 50% of men after 50 years, and over the age of 70 years, almost 75%. One of the reasons for the proliferation and inflammation of the gland tissues can be pathogenic microorganisms, "acquired" during casual connections at the beginning of sexual activity. At the first stage of treatment it is necessary to remove inflammation, restore blood circulation and disturbed metabolism in this area. After the course of the drug "A1.A2.A3" that many men help and starvation - from 5 to 15 days. The inflammation is removed, the urination is normalized. The course lasts 30 days. Then the metabolism in the prostate gland is restored.

Diseases of the thyroid gland

Thyroid gland performs important functions in the human body. Its weight is 25-30 g. It produces two hormones - thyroxine and triiodothyronine. In addition, it produces calcitonin, the biological effect of which is to regulate the exchange of calcium in the body. Disorder of normal thyroid gland affects negatively on many functions of the body. There are extremely unpleasant diseases: Graves disease, goiter and others. It offers a complete cleansing of the body with the drug "A1.A2.A3", as well as emotional calm and proper nutrition. Disorder of thyroid gland functions can be corrected by using the drug "A1.A2.A3", which will help to cleanse the body in many areas (intestines, vessels, lymph). To consolidate the results, you must continuously pass at least three courses.


Catarrhal diseases are a consequence of feeding mucus-forming food - dairy (all kinds, especially milk and fermented milk), sweet, fatty, starchy, chilled. The body is overflowing with mucus and in the form of a purgative crisis, which we take for a cold, throws it out. Usually during this process, the body temperature rises: this contributes to a better mucus rejection and there is a general weakness - due to the large energy expenditure for cleansing the body. I advise you to apply "Anarbek A1.A2.A3". The body is quickly cleared and restored. And also preventive courses of cleansing of the organism, or famine once a quarter for 5-10 days after the application of "A1A2.A3" will not be superfluous. To carry out detoxification, fight infection and stimulate the immune processes, you can apply the drug "A1A2.A3".


Diabetes mellitus is considered to be an endocrine-metabolic disease associated with a deficiency of insulin, which leads to disruption of all kinds of metabolism in the human body. The main symptom of this disease is an increase in the concentration of glucose in the blood and urine. At present, about 4-5% of the population of all countries has diabetes mellitus. Diabetes mellitus uses the drug "Anarbek A.1.A2.A3", which maintain a normal metabolism and increase the activity of its own insulin. "A1" restores the beta-cell of the pancreas. As a result, stagnation will be eliminated and the function of the pancreas is restored. Having cleared all your levels, and properly eating, you will get rid of diabetes in 100% of cases. You must continuously drink at least three courses.

Chronic hepatitis

General weakness, decreased appetite, sometimes bitterness in the mouth, burning in the epigastric region. Often, nausea, constipation, sometimes diarrhea. When the disease worsens, itching of the skin, an increase in body temperature to 37.1 - 37.6 ° C. Violations of the nervous system are often observed: a depressed mood, sweating, increased irritability, sleep disturbance. When examined in 1/3 of the patients, especially during the exacerbation, you can find the presence of "hepatic palms" (reddening of the skin in the palmar surface of the thumb and little finger), as well as vascular "stars". The direction of the sprocket is a pulsating small vessel, from which thin, delicate vascular branches, resembling the legs of a spider, branch out. Their size ranges from a pinhead to a pea in diameter. The most common vascular asterisks are on the face, shoulders and forearms, on the back. With the improvement of the functional state of the liver, they can disappear. In chronic hepatitis, joints and lungs are affected. Depending on the degree, it is recommended to drink from 3 to 6 courses.

Benign tumors of the mammary gland and the body of the uterus

In these cases it is recommended to cleanse the body with the drug "Anarbek A.1.A2.A3", switch to proper nutrition, stimulate the body's defenses. Drinks help to cleanse the body faster, normalize metabolic processes and increase the defenses of the body and resolves the tumor. It is recommended to drink continuously at least 3 courses.

Violations of cyclic processes in women

Menstrual cycles in women are the result of complex hormonal processes that go on in their bodies. During the menstrual cycle, the amount of hormones and their interrelationships constantly fluctuate. Such a vibration has a corresponding effect on the body. Some women do not feel anything, but about a third of all women suffer from unpleasant symptoms associated with fluctuations in hormone levels, especially during the last 7-14 days of the cycle.

Here are the main symptoms of hormonal fluctuations in the monthly cycle: mental disorders in the form of anxiety, irritability, insomnia, depression, memory impairment, absent-mindedness and apathy. Taste disorders in the form of craving for sweets, increased appetite, reaction to sugar (headache, cardiac arrhythmia, fatigue, fainting). Other disorders: weight gain, swelling of the hands and feet, swelling and painful sensitivity of the mammary glands, bloating. All these symptoms are called "premenstrual syndrome". There are women who suffer from all the symptoms described, and constantly. Others suffer from some and from time to time. To get rid of premenstrual syndrome, it is necessary to normalize the body's activity - to cleanse it, eat properly, give the necessary physical load.

The drug "Anarbek A1.A2.A3" helps to cleanse the intestines, normalize metabolic processes, make up for the deficiency of biologically active substances of the received amount of liquid part. Recovers the violation of cyclic processes.

Climacteric syndrome, menopause

In the life of women there is a period when the function of procreation is curtailed and disappears completely. In the ovaries, the production of female sex hormones decreases and the phase begins, which is called the climax. This restructuring, in the first place, is reflected in the menstrual cycle. In some women, menstruation becomes heavier, while others, on the contrary, are lighter. Gradually their regularity is lost. They occur less and less until finally they do not stop completely. This condition is called menopause. But during the period of decline in the production of female sex hormones, some women have chaotic menstrual periods. In addition, the wilting of the function of procreation can be accompanied by emotional instability, depression, hot flushes, increased body weight and accumulation of fluid in the body. To ease this unpleasant period, it is recommended to use the drug "Anarbek A1.A2.A3". For 30 days of taking this drug you can cleanse the body that will improve your health

Female and male infertility, sexual dysfunction

These disorders occur most often due to neglect of their health. People eat, than horrible, smoke, drink alcohol, lead a loose life, often emotionally break down. As a result of all this, infertility is developing. By changing the way of life, cleansing the body, proper nutrition, moderate physical activity, hunger and hardening procedures, you can not only restore lost, but also significantly increase. The preparation "Anarbek A1.A2.A3" is especially favorable for this. This will give the body additional forces for restructuring.

Treatment of neuroses and depression

Neuroses are considered diseases of the nervous system caused by any prolonged mental overstrain. Depression is a mental state characterized by depression. We will not address the causes of these diseases - they are very diverse. But in any case, these two states severely deplete the nervous system, the body's reserves. They can also develop because of the general contamination of the body (especially from constipation). Based on the above, you can make a scheme of treatment - cleansing the body (if there are constipation), emotional rest, physical relaxation and nutrition with an increased content of biologically active substances. The drug "AnarbekA1.A2.A3" is most suitable for these cases.

Muscular dystrophy, muscle weakness and muscle cramps

The presence of parasites in the human body, lack of normal nutrition, zashlakovka, lack of sufficient physical exertion and some other factors are the main causes of these diseases. For recovery, it is recommended to eliminate the causes, and recovery will come by itself. Effectively helps a person in this process the drug "Anarbek A1.A2.A3". The course of treatment is 30 days. It is recommended to continuously conduct at least two courses.

Headache, migraine

The drug "A1.A2.A3" will help you in restoring the disturbed metabolism and microcirculation of the brain tissue.

Sleep Disorders

For the normalization of sleep, it is desirable to clean the intestines of slags with the drug "A1.A2.A3". Do not eat at night. After the course of hunger.


Epilepsy is a complex lesion of the brain and is characterized by periodic sudden seizures. The patient suddenly falls unconscious, and his muscles cramps. The preparation "A1. A2.A3 "will contribute to a significant improvement in the patient's condition.

Dermatitis, acne

One of the functions of the skin is the release of harmful substances from the body. But when the body is overfilled with slag or the normal way of excretion of slags for some reason does not work (for example, constipation or insufficient forced bowel emptying), then the excretory load. The total duration of the course of the drug "A1.A2.A3" - twice. During the year it is recommended to hold at least two courses.


Psoriasis is characterized by the appearance of a rash on the skin, consisting of convex flattened pink formations (papules) covered with silvery scales. The rash appears most often on the elbows, knees and scalp (scalp). In rare cases, it can be on the folds of the skin, in the external auditory canal and even on the external genitalia. In addition to the skin, psoriasis can also affect the joints, causing swelling, redness and pain.

Psoriasis is considered a common disease. When medicine does not know the causes of any disease, it is given a vague formulation: "Genetic (hereditary) predisposition." The same reason is attributed to psoriasis. In fact, the cause of psoriasis is a combined nature: macroparasites, slagged body and malnutrition. Once a person eliminates these reasons, so there is no trace of psoriasis.

The drug "Anarbek A1.A2.A3" will help with cleansing of the intestines, restoration of disturbed metabolism and strengthening of the immune system. In addition, apply "A1" daily 3-time rubbing. After cleaning the gastrointestinal tract it is desirable to starve. It is recommended to continuously conduct at least three courses.

Dark spots

The appearance of pigment spots on the skin indicates the aging process of the organism (usually from 50 to 60 years). If such spots appear on the back of the hands, face, upper chest, and also on those parts of the body that are constantly exposed to sunlight, at 30-40 years, then this indicates the rapid aging of your body. It is urgent to take preventive measures - to cleanse the body with the drug "A1A2.A3". After the procedure, you need to starve and eat properly, lead a healthy lifestyle (daily routine, physical activity, emotional balance). It will help you in this process to restore disturbed metabolism, trace elements, vitamins and nutritional support of skin cells. The course of treatment is 30 days. During the year it is recommended to take at least two general courses.


Glaucoma is a disease, the main symptom of which is an increase in eye pressure, leading to loss of vision. In most cases, there is no other eye disease in humans. This condition is called primary glaucoma, and it can exist in two pathological different forms: acute glaucoma, when suddenly a person raises eye pressure inside, And this process is accompanied by pain and blurring of vision.

And the more common form is simple chronic glaucoma, in which the eye pressure gradually rises gradually, without causing pain and accompanied by an imperceptible impairment of vision. A similar loss of vision can sometimes be observed in people with normal intraocular pressure; this condition is called glaucoma, not accompanied by an increase in eye pressure. Primary glaucoma often develops in people with age, being one of the main causes of blindness.

Secondary glaucoma develops when, as a result of any other eye diseases, a normal circulation of watery moisture in the eyes is broken in a person, which leads to an increase in the eye pressure. With all types of glaucoma, the main task is to reduce the inside of the eye pressure.

Of all the natural remedies for the treatment of glaucoma, the most effective is the drug "Anarbek A.1.A2.A3", which will help clear the intestines, restore the disturbed metabolism and strengthen the immune system. After cleaning the gastric intestinal golodoat for 1-3 weeks. This healing measure promotes rapid normalization inside the eye pressure by removing excess water from the body. In the future this is promoted by cocotherapy.

Fresh juices, rich in calcium, remove excess water from the body. As for nutrition, it must be natural and correct. Protein products (especially animals) are excluded and table salt is forbidden (it helps to retain water in the body) help in restoring the disturbed metabolism and micro circulation of the vessels of the eyeball. During the year it is recommended to hold at least two general courses.


Cataract - clouding of the lens of the eye, leading to a marked deterioration of vision. In the case of this disease, general health improvement is necessary. Only the preparation "Anarbek A1.A2.A3" can give a significant effect, help to restore the violation of the exchange and micro circulation of the vessels of the eyeball. Naturally, this does not apply to neglected cases, cases of trauma, when only a lens transplant will help. It is recommended to conduct continuously at least two general courses of cleaning the body.

Humic water and kidney disease

It is important to understand the causes that lead to kidney diseases to eliminate them. If you do not purify the body, then any treatment is ineffective and gives short-term results.

One of the main causes of infection in the urinary system is (in 75-90% of cases) intestinal shelf, as well as protei, anirobacteria, pyogenic staphylococcus, enterococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and others. Where does this bacteria come from and how do they enter the urinary system, the renal pelvis, the ureters, the bladder, the ureter itself)? From the large intestine, when there are putrefactive conditions on which the above-mentioned bacteria multiply, and the E. coli degenerates from the organism's pathogenetic pathway. And the cause of decay in the large intestine is our improper nutrition. Therefore, the chain of treatment of kidney diseases should be built like this: the normalization of nutrition, the establishment of order in the large intestine (reliable acidification with solution A1 and through enema A3), and only after that direct exposure to the pathogen itself. The mass of a variety of acute and chronic forms of kidney disease can be successfully treated with humic solution.

Bathing on humic solution A1

The human body through the skin can absorb a small amount of water. Water after sunlight is the second most powerful source of energy. Free electrons of humic water, which are in the water, through the acupuncture points on the skin penetrate into the body and accelerate in it, using the effect of pulling protons to colossal speeds. As a result, a channel of superconductivity, superfluidity is formed. There is not only the development of energy, but also the delivery of substances from the surface of the skin into the interior of the body through acupuncture points with an internal organ. As a result of this procedure, you will provide great energy and healing support to your body.

Fungal skin lesions

Pathogenic microorganisms of plant origin parasitize on humans and, developing, produce an alkaline (putrefactive) environment. In the event that the acidic skin of the skin is weakened, they can parasitize us. The simple enhancement of the acid properties of the skin with the help of humic water promotes rapid recovery. For this, it is best to apply compresses to the affected skin. Excellent gum helps with furuncles, both in the initial stage, and when opened. As soon as a large boil begins to develop, it is necessary to rub, slightly, into this place 3-4 or more times a day for 10 minutes. You can make a compress.