Concentrated tonic non-alcoholic beverages А1, А2, А3

 Instructions for the preparation of ready-made beverages, methods of application and dosage

1) Concentrated beverage A-1 is diluted in batches, the ratio of 50 ml concentrate to 1.5 liters of water. Preferably soda water. Prepared drink is used for 100 ml. three times a day for 10/15 minutes before meals for 30 days.

2) Concentrated beverage A2 is diluted with 500 ml. per 1 liter of  water or diluted in portions, for example 165 ml of the beverage per 335 ml of water. For the entire course, the prepared drink is consumed three times 500 ml each with a ten-day interval. For the first time the drink is used on the tenth day after the start of the course.

On the tenth day in the morning on an empty stomach at a time, or for 20 minutes, it is necessary to consume 500 ml of the prepared A2 drink . (To soften the taste, you can add the squeezed juice of one lemon to 500 ml of the ready-made drink). After this, you need to wait for the urge to enter the toilet, which should occur within 30-90 minutes. Immediately after visiting the toilet, it is necessary to dilute 50 ml of A1 concentrate per 2.5 liters of warm water and drink 2.5 liters of finished drink A1 for 300-500 mlat the time of each visit to the toilet. After that, after 30-60 minutes, it is advisable to drink a glass of kefir and you can eat a light breakfast (cooked cereals from cereals and legumes or stewed vegetables) If after 60-90 min of consumption 500ml of A2 drink there will be no urge to go to the toilet, then you need to drink 500 ml. 1 liter of diluted drink A1 , if within 30-60 minutes. the urge will not be, then the rest of 2.5 liters. ready-made drink A1 is not necessary to drink, a drunk drink will come out naturally during the day.

3) Concentrated solution A3 (0.5L) is diluted to 2.5 or 3 liters of drinking water. Drinking water from the centralized water supply systems must first be boiled, then cooled and only then dilute the solution in it. A prepared solution every other day throughout the course, it is necessary to do a cleansing enema of 200 ml at bedtime.

The technique of enemas . Enter 200 ml of the prepared solution into the intestine , then lie on your back to lift the pelvis or to get your legs behind your head and in one of these positions stay for 30 to 60 seconds. Then lower the trunk and turn to the right side in this position to lie at least 10 (better 15) minutes, then climb and go to the toilet. 
In this case, if you do not do or do not make cleansing enemas correctly, then there can be a crisis (exacerbation), which will negatively affect the whole organism and, accordingly, it will affect the general condition. Persons with a weak heart and especially pensioners need to take this procedure seriously.
To select the necessary consistencies of concentrated drinks and their dose is recommended taking into account the age categories available in the body of pathologies and their forms. For example: for chronic diseases, for transferring various operations, when receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy, with reduced body weight, and in cases of susceptibility to radiation, concentrated beverages A1 and A2 should be consumed in small doses, for example, at the beginning of the course, cooked drinks A1 to use 20 or 30 ml and gradually increase the dose to 100 ml , cooked drinks A2 to use 150, 200, 250, 300, 350or 400 ml and then increase the dose to 500 ml .

Children under 10 years ready to drink A1 , necessary to use at 10-50 ml and does not increase the dose, ready to drink A2 , (if this is necessary), it is necessary to use at 50, 100, 150 or 200 ml and also not to increase a suitable dose.

Children under 10 years of concentrated drink A3, must be diluted in very weak consistencies, for example 100 ml ofdrink A3 diluted in 1 liter of water. Enemas (if necessary) to do 30, 50 or  100 ml and until the end of the course does not increase the most appropriate dose. 
If the stomach has abnormal mucus (film), polyps, ulcers, etc., then at the first use of 500 ml of the finished drink A2there may be vomiting, which must be considered as a natural release of these bodies and formations that occurs as a result of stomach spasms. In the future, as the stomach clears, this reflex reaction of the organism will not occur. Also, if food deposits are present in the intestinal tract (in whole or in part), then at the first intake of 500 ml of thefinished drink A2, the urge to enter the toilet may not occur, since their occurrence will also depend on the purity of the intestinal tract.

Additional information, precautions and warnings.

The course lasts for 30 days. If necessary, the course can be repeated several times without interruption. In the future, full (30-day) courses can be conducted for the purpose of complete body cleaning twice a year with a 6-month interval. Incomplete (5, 10, 15 or 20 day) courses can be conducted in order to replenish the body with the necessary organic substances and elements or for prevention every 2 or 3 months.

Do not dilute with chlorinated water

Shake before mixing.

Do not exceed recommended consistencies and dosages.

It is not desirable (only for severe pathologies, for example: hypertension (during an exacerbation), diabetes mellitus (during an exacerbation), etc., and constantly reduce, and with a tolerable condition stop), combine with medications (medicines), and also with other chemicals. farm. medications for medical or prophylactic purposes.

Concentrated tonic soft drinks A1, A2, A3 fully comply with the norms of the national standard of the Kyrgyz Republic KMC 895: 2009 developed in connection with its updating and harmonization with international standards.

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