How the Anarbek cleaning system works

The drug Anarbek A1 A2 A3 is an energy immune modulatory substance intended for rapid cleansing of the whole organism at the cellular level. As the ready-made drink A1 is used, a tonic effect is achieved. All cells of the body begins to be saturated with micro-macro elements, vitamin complexes and enzymes. In the human body, acid-base balance is neutralized. At the same time, at the cellular level, the body saturates with organic acids, and all viruses, slags, toxins are destroyed under the influence of acids. Then, through the filtration of the liver, enter the intestine, and then be excreted from the body with an enema solution A3. Ready solution A2 creates in the stomach, in the small intestine the effect of reverse absorption. As a result, with the help of the resulting osmotic pressure, all pathological formations are broken off from the capillaries and the brush border in the small intestine and, due to natural spasms, the gastrointestinal tract is ejected and withdrawn along with the stool from the body. The drink A1, taken in parallel, at the expense of a large concentration of nutrients, rinses and regenerates damaged intestinal microflora. Due to the osmotic pressure of the large force produced by the concentrate A3 with an enema in the large intestine, an isotonic process occurs, that is, a reverse absorption. All pathological formation in the mucosa of the large intestine is broken, and then the liver and portal vein is cleared of all pathogenic bodies and microorganisms. This opens all the sources (receptors) of the large intestine, which strengthens its absorption functions, stimulates motility and peristalsis, positively affects the mucosa. Helps your body get rid of toxins, viruses and parasites, toxins, radionuclides, heavy metal ions. Due to the high biological activity of solution A1, deficit nutrients are restored. Recovery is based on the fact that the biopolymer itself, consisting of twenty-five micro-macro elements, humic acids can purify, restore and rejuvenate the body. Whatever diseases people suffer (except for injuries, congenital malformations and some others), let it be the digestive system, lungs, heart, joints, kidneys, hormonal disorders, nervous system, skin, childhood diseases, infectious, oncological, gynecological, as well as early aging - if we create normal conditions for our organism, cleanse, provide all the necessary micro-macro elements, then all diseases and ailments will depart from the person, as if an unnecessary husk. Our diseases are mainly the result of our ignorant attitude towards our body.


Solution A1.

Rich in microelements, the components of the solution A1, passing through the liver, are carried by blood throughout the body and exert a positive influence on it: the interference effect on pathogenic foci; hormonal regulation due to feedback from the glands of internal secretion; promote the dissolution of blood clots in the blood, atherosclerotic plaques on the walls of blood vessels. Absorbing the solution of Al humic water, as a natural diuretic, removes water, causing swelling. Being, in fact, an anti-cancer agent, humic water in time suppresses microfragments of tumors and contributes to their prevention. Stimulates the activity of the heart, kidneys, it is the most beneficial effect on the entire body, helping to maintain it in a healthy state.

If in the human body there is inflammation caused by the disease of any organ or tissue, then due to the oxidizing properties of the solution A1, this inflammation is suppressed, and due to the presence of protein bodies, the A1 solution promotes the restoration of the destroyed tissues. Another important quality of A1 solution is that it stimulates blood formation and thus helps with anemia in all its forms. As you can see, this is truly universal water, which can be used to stimulate the defenses of the body and cleanse cells, as well as cleanse the person of a huge number of ailments.

Solution A2.

Adopted early in the morning on an empty stomach, A2 solution is absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract and enters the blood, dilutes it and makes it more fluid. And, since all the blood from the gastrointestinal tract enters the liver, the first beneficial effect is on it - the liver is cleaned and its functions are normalized. This is why taking a solution of A2 so quickly affects the health of patients with jaundice. The dilution of bile contributes to the fact that dense conglomerates, clots formed in the liver, gradually dissolve. If the gallbladder has stones, then they are exposed to their own nosodes and are also gradually destroyed and dissolved. Electrolytes of humic water in A2 solution are of great importance for the dissolution of oxalates and other stones. Solutions A2 contain rapidly disintegrating salts. These salts destroy acidity and, thus, many diseases are cured by direct exposure to their causes. These salts destroy the pathogenic microflora in the mucous walls, blood, liver, kidneys, intestines. A drunk solution of A2 cleanses the kidneys, ureters and removes stones from the kidneys, draws fluids from the stomach and tears off mucus. With ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, restores tissue structure, prevents its decay. When taken, the solution of A2 from the stomach enters the 12-colon and then into the small intestine. Due to the osmotic pressure, solution A2 continues to suck water in the intestinal cavity, thereby purifying the walls of the duodenum and microvilli. At the same time, when the split nutrients are absorbed into the body, parietal digestion begins to perform better. All this contributes to the normalization of microflora, relieves dysbiosis and all such troubles. Positively affects the improvement of appetite and normalization of body weight. There is an activation of hormones, vitamins and other substances.

Passing through all the tissues of our body, leaving the necessary in the intestinal cavity, rinsing, cleansing, stimulating, cleanses and heals the kidney tissue. And, in the form of structured water, saturated with information about our body, A2 solution is derived from it.

Solution A3.

With the help of microclysters (100-200 grams) with A3 solution, our body is freed from mucus, slags that are trapped in the kidneys, pancreas, bladder walls, genitalia, ligaments and muscles of the inguinal region. The entire excretory system is unloaded. Due to osmosis solution A3 sucks and retains slag, water, mucus, parasites, but it does not irritate anything, but helps to recover.

Qualitatively having carried out purification, you not simply liquidate the main source of an organism intoxication - slags and pathogenic microorganisms which have collected in a thick intestine, but also release huge quantity of energy which was spent earlier on suppression of an intoxication. There will be a cleansing of the liver, the metabolism in the body will be normalized, as well as blood circulation and digestion. Without a purification procedure, you can not expect a stable, cardinal and powerful improvement in your health.