How Committed Are You?

Are you investing 60, 100 or 150% of your effort and time to accomplish your goals in life?
Talking to one of my dearest clients I heard this statement:

– “Diana I do not believe I can ever change a pattern that I have been doing since I’m 4 years old, that’s the way I am”.

Why is it so important to believe that you can be or do whatever you want?
Because that’s what’s going to drive you to take action, to get results in whatever area of your life.

Let me give you an example:

You are opening a business, let’s say a store.  Your goal is to have clients, and the main reason to open a store is to earn money, right?

My question is:
• Does your business have a potential?
• Do you believe in that new business to be successful?
• Are you planning to get money out of it?
Hope all the answers are YES

Now what’s the plan?

If you are telling me that you want to start a new business but:

• You can’t wake up early, need more time to sleep.
• You are not investing on the best quality of supplies.
• That the business even though it is important to you, you will promote it later.
• That it is not essential to hire the right people.
Well..  Chances are this business is not getting anywhere; See you need to have a vision.

Same happens with your health:

• Lose that unwanted weight that’s making you not feel so good;
• Keep waking up every morning tired, with no energy, putting into your body food that supposedly will give you the energy (like sugar and caffeine) but at the end will harm you and will make you more sluggish. Hope NOT.
• Putting aside exercise for later.
• Not investing time in learning or finding the right teacher to guide you on your way.

Do you believe in yourself, that you can have results; that you can accomplish your goal?



Studies have shown that you can train your mind and your thoughts with many different techniques: Hypnosis, EFT, Meditation, and many more.

So the statement that:
 -“I can’t “BE” or do “THIS” because since I was little I have been doing it”.
 It is just an excuse, there are infinitely ways to train yourself to be who you really want to be and how you really want to feel.
You  have to work hard, put effort, not 60,100 but 150% of your input. It’s not easy, but if that is what you REALLY want to accomplish in life, BELIEVE in it, DREAM with it and MAKE it a reality, chances are you will MANIFEST IT.

To learn more into this subject I do recommend the CD’s or books from:
• Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D. “The Biology of Belief”. He explains how our minds work
•  Dr. Wayne W. Dyer “Excuses Begone!” and “The Power of Intention”.
This information will provide you the way to enter and look inside of yourself, by helping you clean the rough edges and leaving the field open for new ideals and new paths.

• Eat well
• Exercise
• Have a hobby
• Feed your mind on a daily basis with positive ideas, thoughts and positive people.

 This is Lisa: Who believed in herself and believed that she could accomplish her goal:


Always the happy bookworm, I never stepped into a gym or exercised until I was 38 years old. Consequently, although I have never been considered overweight, I was at a point where I was always on a diet eating less than 1000 calories a day in order to maintain my weight. I was always tired, and it took effort just to stand up straight. NO, I AM NOT EXAGGERATING! This really is not ideal when you are a physician and have to see patients by day, and be a wife and mother of two by night. When I complained to my husband “Not now honey, I’m too tired,” it actually was the truth!

So in October of 2007, I joined a gym and hired a trainer and finally knew what it was like to have some energy and be able to eat four to five times a day. Diana who has been my trainer, my persecutor, my psychologist, my pillar, and my friend ever since. She brought me to BB3 where she watched my muscles grow and atrophy along with my waistline multiple times. Excuses Diana has had to endure:
“I’m not an A list celebrity, I don’t get paid millions of dollars to have a perfect body.”
“I was on vacation. How many times will I get to be in France, Italy, Napa- you have to enjoy the food.”
“I had surgery on my wrist.”
“I work.”
“I’m over forty.”
“I don’t want to talk about it.”

Then came the 90 day challenge, and Diana urged me to sign up and do the work once and for all. I was skeptical since I knew I could never actually “win” since I didn’t need to lose a huge amount of weight. In this economy who wants to throw money away?
I succumbed to the pressure. I paid up. I trained. I did the cardio. I drank the shakes. I ate clean. I lost 3.5% body fat. I lost 6 inches around the middle. I made Diana jump for joy.

But truly, the best part of the challenge was being able to set and achieve a goal that I did not think was possible for me anymore. I still can’t believe that I didn’t quit and I’m mystified by how much weight l can lift. I have more energy at 41 years old than I have ever had, and I can stand up straight both physically and mentally. Thanks to the BB3 family for setting an extraordinary example for me. Thanks to Diana for inspiring me, pushing me, and believing in me.
Lisa Rosenberg

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4 thoughts on “How Committed Are You?

  1. Wow Diana! Great testimonial! You’ve dine a great Jon w Lisa she is incredible! You’re so right about believe yourself and believing you can achieve anything! Great post!!

  2. Great blog Diana!!! Like the company analogy-your destined to fail if you don’t believe in your dream or goal. Very motivating and love Lisa’s drive- way to go!!!

  3. Excellent comment!We are always changing and improving in the areas we want. We have to be convinced that we can. My son always says: “There is always space for improvement” and I think he is absolutely correct.

  4. Diana,
    I loved how you compared health to growing a business. Great analogy! It is always inspiring to be around you and watch how you keep growing and learning. Can’t wait to try out your yoga class.

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