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         The Bottom – Line? Results!
Nothing feels better that running into people whom you haven’t seen in a while and they say, “Wow, you really look great, you have lost a lot of weight and look like a totally different person.” I have been hearing that lately.

Diana Levy has been my Personal Trainer since 2006. She has kept me motivated, has demonstrated sincere caring about how I am doing, she is educated on nutrition and physical performance, and is fun to work with. And the results of her guidance speak for themselves. I have lost 45 pounds, my cholesterol and other blood measurements have return to normal, my body appears different, and have more energy than in the past.

There are times when I don’t follow a diet (I am a big cheat with food), don’t feel like exercising, don’t feel I have the time etc. That is when having a Fitness Professional like Diana becomes paramount to not only achieving success but continuing on the path of health, good eating habits, and physical improvement. She is supportive, seems to intuitively know what I can and can’t do, varies my routine, and is a reason that I have achieved results beyond my expectations.

Thanks Diana

Gary Livingston


                                                           HAPPY NILLY

 Who knew that an exercise routine could not only get the job done, but also be FUN?

 Diana’s combination of weight training and a gradual change to a healthier diet plan helped me get rid of body fat and a gain of a lot of hot-looking muscle! I actually don’t like spending time inside the gym, but my workouts with Diana have allowed me to exercise smarter and more effectively.

She makes sure that I know how the exercise is done properly, so I can get the maximum benefit; no time or energy is wasted. While I take a little of the credit for not quitting, I owe a lot to Diana’s approach to training. She’s fun, positive, knows when to push and never criticizes.

Every session ends on a high note, focusing on accomplishments for the day while managing to slip in what she wants me to improve on. Her balanced approach to coaching suits me very well. And, when the going gets rough, Diana makes me laugh.

Who knew that an exercise routine could not only get the job done, but also be FUN?!

I’m excited about what I’ve accomplished thus far. With Diana’s continued support, I’m confident I will achieve the body I want. The six-pack I had only ever fantasized about is slowly becoming a reality. THANKS, Diana!


                                                          HAPPY MARCELA








About a year ago I will admit that I was unhealthy. I used to smoke, I wouldn’t exercise, and also I wouldn’t watch what went into my mouth like I do now.

Since I started Training with Diana I became more aware of the foods I consumed and how often I would eat. I learned that a diet doesn’t necessarily mean starving yourself or eating less but basically what you ate and how often you ate. Before when I would go on “diets” I would eat less and I wouldn’t eat enough.
Now I see exercise and eating healthy as a lifestyle my life has changed for the better. I lost 24 pounds and 8% Body Fat.
I watch my calories and try to watch my family’s also to get them to follow my lifestyle choice for them to be healthier in life.
Love Diana’s Program and her enthusiasm.
Thank you Diana without your support, patience and coaching I wouldn’t be where I am right know.

Marcela Ferreira









This is my story:

I am 50 years old and was feeling fat and unhappy. Everything I was wearing was very tight and it made me feel horrible. Couldn’t wear any trendy clothes and I didn’t know what to do to get fit.
I was feeling horrible, I gained around 15 pounds and I was very unhappy. I realized I needed help to feel good about myself again.

I have known Diana for a very long time; we have been friends forever. I decided to start a program with her.

It has been 6 months since that day and there is no doubt in my mind, that it has been one of my best decisions I have ever made. I already lost 14 pounds; 6% body fat, and gained a lot of self-esteem, but most importantly, I learned how to take care of myself and make healthier choices.

Changing my lifestyle by adding exercise and healthier food has not only positively influenced my life but it has had a great impact on my family. Seeing that change in them motivates me even more because I want to continue to be a positive role model for them. It has taught me about determination and self-discipline.
I am very proud of what I have accomplished which would have been impossible without the professional help and devoted commitment of Diana.
Thank you again Diana for what you did for me, I will continue driving from Aventura to Weston no matter what!!!

With all my love Lucy Esquenazi




 Entering the BB3 Lean and Mean competition was like making a pact with the devil. In the beginning, Diana promised that the pounds and inches would literally disappear. Then, once I agreed to enter, I found out that the next three months were going to be a living hell.
I had to cut out my food passions of cheese, ice cream, and an occasional alcoholic drink. And Diana, made each training session harder than the one before, always with a smile and encouraging words from the other trainers. 
As much as I wanted to quit, everyone I meet keeps telling me how much I have trimmed down and how good I look.  I made my pact and now I’m hooked and can’t stop.  You bastards.

Scott Lodin



Before I decided to join BB3, I was 143 lbs, (5 ‘1’) feeling that everything was fine, not wanting to face the fact that I was considered overweight, but by combining her outstanding knowledge of the concepts and techniques associated with a positive physical-fitness lifestyle, good nutrition guidelines, and of course, her great enthusiasm, Diana Levy has changed not only the way I look and (amazingly) the way I eat, but has inspired me to be healthy, a word that definitely was not included in my lexicon.  I lost 27 lbs and 7% body fat in 4 months.

From the moment you come in to BB3 there is always a beautiful smile that greets you and a bunch of fitness professionals who push you to be better and stronger; so thank you Diana and BB3 for helping me change my life and for always been a support system to all of those who want to say “I feel and look awesome”, just as I do now.
Laura Jaramillo



 I’ve lost over 20 pounds with Diana and I feel great! 

I want to thank Diana for all the help, wisdom and support she has given me!

I didn’t think I would ever get off the “plateau” we can hit while exercising.  But now, I’ve lost over 20 pounds with Diana and I feel great!  She has taught me better eating habits that go along with the workouts.

I never realized that I could eat so frequently and still lose weight.  With the combination of the right foods and exercise, I started to see a huge difference in my body shape.  Changing my diet was difficult at first, but once I got on track, it got easier and easier.  Our whole family has now followed and we all eat better!

It’s taken a while for me to get serious about healthy eating and weight loss; but Diana made it possible.  I continue to strive to meet my goals and I know with Diana that will definitely happen!

Thanks again!
Danielle OndecK





 Me encanto tu publicacion y aprovecho para decirte que gracias a ti perdi casi 20 libras y hoy despues de 2 anos sigo conservandome en la talla que desee (4).

 Ir a  BB3 Training Center fue la mejor decision que  tome. El haberme ensenado a tener un estilo de vida mejor en cuanto a alimentacion y ejercicios es lo mejor que me ha pasado, ya que hoy por hoy con 50 anos que tengo me siento activa, saludable y vigorosa. Pero sobre todo conocerte fue lo mejor, ya que eres una persona calida, humana y le inyectas a uno ese deseo de sentirse bien. Gracias Dianita  y BB3 Training Center.

Nancy Fernandez


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