This Form of Exercise will Keep You Young

Resistance Training or Weight Training is probably the most neglected component of fitness programs but one of the most beneficial. Our body can basically be divided into 2 components. Fat mass consists of the body’s fat store, while fat free mass is a combination of non-fat tissue such as muscle, bone, internal organs etc. An important part of fat free mass is lean body mass, which is essentially muscle.

We all can do it!!!


  • Muscle is metabolically active tissue. This means that it utilizes calories to work, repair and refuel itself. Fat requires very few calories, it just kind of sits there.
  •  As we enter our mid to late twenties, we slowly start to lose muscle as part of the natural aging process. This means that the amount of calories we need each day starts to decrease and it becomes easier to gain weight.
  • By engaging in regular strength training exercise, it is possible to decrease this loss of lean muscle tissue and even replace some that has been lost already.

Studies have shown  Strength Training to increase lean body mass, decrease fat mass and increase resting metabolic rate (a measurement of the amount of calories burned per day)  These effects may make it easier to manage one’s weight.


  • Another beneficial effect of resistance training pertains to bone health. In addition to weight bearing cardiovascular exercise, weight training has been shown to help fight osteoporosis. For example, in postmenopausal women, 2 strength training sessions a week for one year increased bone mineral density by 1%. A sedentary control group lost 2% in the same time period .
  • Finally, in older populations, resistance training can help maintain the ability to perform functional tasks such as walking, rising from a chair, climbing stairs and even carrying their own groceries.

MOVE!!! Find a partner, a Trainer, put your music on and roll. This will give you lot’s of stamina, you will feel ALIVE, RENEW & HAPPY after a good workout 🙂 .Plus you will burn lots of calories and will gain strenght.

We Live Once….Keep Moving!!! Your Body and Mind will Appreciate it.

Do you have a program of exercises especially designed for you to accomplish your Physical goals?

Simple and Effective Ways to Stay Focused with your Healthy Habits.

Living a healthy and happy life is a day to day work. It takes commitment and discipline both for yourself and for your own well-being. Ask yourself every morning “How do I want to Feel today?” I know I have lived and experienced it, that it is better not to exercise or choose healthy foods because of whatever excuse comes into our head. We sometimes prefer to just get the basic things done for our daily lives and including living a healthy lifestyle is not in that schedule.

I want to share a story from a young man; an inspiration for me and I hope it does ring some bells for you too.

This regular young man wanted to enjoy his college moments as every kid at their 20s wants; to have a college degree, party and get good grades. That is the path that he has chosen. On the same token, his vision was that while he was doing it he wanted to engage in healthy habits that might stay with him and keep them through his whole career. The point here is that now after graduating and pursuing his dream job, he found himself living in a city far from friends and family. He has to work shifts from 8 to sometimes 10 hours a day, starting at 7am and taking him 45 minutes to drive.

Now from this scenario I am sure you can think of many excuses why not to stay healthy, eat right, and time management right?

  • “I don’t have time”
  • “I have to drive for almost 1.30 hours just to get to and from work”
  • “I’m tired and prefer to go to a drive thru and get over it with my meals”
  • “I choose not to exercise because it’s too early at 4 am and too late at 8 pm, I need to rest”


The truth here is that, instead of making these excuses, this man decided to find a way to eat healthy and get his workouts done. This is an example of the right discipline, mindset and decision to stay in your goal NO MATTER WHAT!!!

  • In the morning his gym backpack is ready in his car: tennis shoes, workout clothes, ipod and towel
  • 2 to 3 nights per week he cooks for 3 to 4 days
  • Packs yogurt, fruits, almonds, or vary nuts to snack on at work
  • Protein shake in a ziplock bag ready to mix in water
  • After work he goes straight to the gym

Once he is done, he goes home and in some days he already has food already made in the freezer. Now what amazes me is that after working a long shift, working out, he takes his time to cook his dinner for that night and lunch (left overs) for the next day. This is the only time he has to prepare his meals.

Regularly I ask my clients to take some time on the weekend and cook for the whole week. But for him his weekend is precious in terms of going out and having a good time. With all of this, he finds time to travel and engage in fun activities. These meals are well designed: good protein, mix of vegetables and sometimes either rice with spices or some kind of potatoes. He knows his commitment is to stay healthy and active during the week and if by the weekend he decides to party, he will get back on track at the end of that weekend.

In conclusion, no matter what your goal is:

  • You need to take action.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • You need to stay focused, live life with balance and be disciplined.
  • This is an everyday job, every day you should take some step to walk your path and with patience you will achieve whatever your goal is.

“You reap what you sow”

Proud Mama 🙂

5 Easy Steps to Lose Weight and Get Fit.

Are you the type of person that wants to feel:

  • FIT

Well, if you answer is YES!!! Give yourself 30 mn. a day to bring that stamina to your body and mind.

How? Easy….  Yeap you can make it easy, enjoyable, & fun. That always happens when you move your body and challenge your muscles.

I’ve been in the same page as you, and because of that, I have drafted some simple steps that you can follow in order to get your workouts done more effectively, EVERY TIME.

5 Easy steps:

  1. Get out of bed 45 earlier, I know is easy to come up with many excuses. COMMIT, you will feel a totally different person, with more energy, fit and healthy. You will see results, after some days,  this routine will transform into a habit that you would not want to miss..I promise  :o)
  2. Have a light breakfast, could be a small oatmeal pancake or a protein shake
  3. Have a time space where you can work out, either in your house or if you have a place to go like a gym, club etc.
  4. Feel optimistic, say to yourself: ” I CAN AND I WILL DO IT”.This will be your mantra.


You need:


  • Will to feel fit, healthy and happy
  • Pulling rubber band tubings that you can adjust to the door. This tubing can be bought by strength, choose your color and challenge yourself a bit.
  • A mat or a towel
  • Stability ball
  • 1 pair of weights of 5 lbs. ( I remember I used to take the duffle bag of golf balls from my husband as weights) whatever works.


  • Do 20 repetitions of each exercise
  • Rest 10 seconds between exercises
  • Rest 1 mn between each circuit
  • Stay hydrated. WATER
  • PLEASE breathe and control the movements.

The circuit is as follows:

1-Squat Curl & Press

  • Place the stability ball between the wall and your lower back.
  • Place your feet hip distance apart.
  • Keep your back straight.
  • Squat…sit, knees should go to 90* not lower, to start.
  • Take the weights on your hands: as you come up from the squat you will bend your elbows for a bicep curl and then press them up for a shoulder press. Bring them down and continue with the squat.








2-Chest Press: Place the tubing on the door, facing against the door Chest press; making sure you keep your balance and go for full range of motion.

3- Rows: Now face the door, take the handles on your hands and with the tubing, row (pull) elbows all the way back.

4-Bridges: Lay down on the mat or towel on your back.  Bend your knees, bringing the soles of the feet flat onto the ground. Lift your pelvis up, and come down.

5-Crunches: On the floor stay with the same posture as before. Place your hands behind your neck, and do crunches, trying not to pull your head. Effort is at the stomach.

Do this circuit 2 -3 times. You will lose lots of calories & you will feel AMAZING 🙂

Isn’t nice to have time for ourselves to feel  strong and burn some calories?

Keep Moving & Keep Smiling!!!

How Committed Are You?

Are you investing 60, 100 or 150% of your effort and time to accomplish your goals in life?
Talking to one of my dearest clients I heard this statement:

– “Diana I do not believe I can ever change a pattern that I have been doing since I’m 4 years old, that’s the way I am”.

Why is it so important to believe that you can be or do whatever you want?
Because that’s what’s going to drive you to take action, to get results in whatever area of your life.

Let me give you an example:

You are opening a business, let’s say a store.  Your goal is to have clients, and the main reason to open a store is to earn money, right?

My question is:
• Does your business have a potential?
• Do you believe in that new business to be successful?
• Are you planning to get money out of it?
Hope all the answers are YES

Now what’s the plan?

If you are telling me that you want to start a new business but:

• You can’t wake up early, need more time to sleep.
• You are not investing on the best quality of supplies.
• That the business even though it is important to you, you will promote it later.
• That it is not essential to hire the right people.
Well..  Chances are this business is not getting anywhere; See you need to have a vision.

Same happens with your health:

• Lose that unwanted weight that’s making you not feel so good;
• Keep waking up every morning tired, with no energy, putting into your body food that supposedly will give you the energy (like sugar and caffeine) but at the end will harm you and will make you more sluggish. Hope NOT.
• Putting aside exercise for later.
• Not investing time in learning or finding the right teacher to guide you on your way.

Do you believe in yourself, that you can have results; that you can accomplish your goal?



Studies have shown that you can train your mind and your thoughts with many different techniques: Hypnosis, EFT, Meditation, and many more.

So the statement that:
 -“I can’t “BE” or do “THIS” because since I was little I have been doing it”.
 It is just an excuse, there are infinitely ways to train yourself to be who you really want to be and how you really want to feel.
You  have to work hard, put effort, not 60,100 but 150% of your input. It’s not easy, but if that is what you REALLY want to accomplish in life, BELIEVE in it, DREAM with it and MAKE it a reality, chances are you will MANIFEST IT.

To learn more into this subject I do recommend the CD’s or books from:
• Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D. “The Biology of Belief”. He explains how our minds work
•  Dr. Wayne W. Dyer “Excuses Begone!” and “The Power of Intention”.
This information will provide you the way to enter and look inside of yourself, by helping you clean the rough edges and leaving the field open for new ideals and new paths.

• Eat well
• Exercise
• Have a hobby
• Feed your mind on a daily basis with positive ideas, thoughts and positive people.

 This is Lisa: Who believed in herself and believed that she could accomplish her goal:


Always the happy bookworm, I never stepped into a gym or exercised until I was 38 years old. Consequently, although I have never been considered overweight, I was at a point where I was always on a diet eating less than 1000 calories a day in order to maintain my weight. I was always tired, and it took effort just to stand up straight. NO, I AM NOT EXAGGERATING! This really is not ideal when you are a physician and have to see patients by day, and be a wife and mother of two by night. When I complained to my husband “Not now honey, I’m too tired,” it actually was the truth!

So in October of 2007, I joined a gym and hired a trainer and finally knew what it was like to have some energy and be able to eat four to five times a day. Diana who has been my trainer, my persecutor, my psychologist, my pillar, and my friend ever since. She brought me to BB3 where she watched my muscles grow and atrophy along with my waistline multiple times. Excuses Diana has had to endure:
“I’m not an A list celebrity, I don’t get paid millions of dollars to have a perfect body.”
“I was on vacation. How many times will I get to be in France, Italy, Napa- you have to enjoy the food.”
“I had surgery on my wrist.”
“I work.”
“I’m over forty.”
“I don’t want to talk about it.”

Then came the 90 day challenge, and Diana urged me to sign up and do the work once and for all. I was skeptical since I knew I could never actually “win” since I didn’t need to lose a huge amount of weight. In this economy who wants to throw money away?
I succumbed to the pressure. I paid up. I trained. I did the cardio. I drank the shakes. I ate clean. I lost 3.5% body fat. I lost 6 inches around the middle. I made Diana jump for joy.

But truly, the best part of the challenge was being able to set and achieve a goal that I did not think was possible for me anymore. I still can’t believe that I didn’t quit and I’m mystified by how much weight l can lift. I have more energy at 41 years old than I have ever had, and I can stand up straight both physically and mentally. Thanks to the BB3 family for setting an extraordinary example for me. Thanks to Diana for inspiring me, pushing me, and believing in me.
Lisa Rosenberg

El Porqué Nos Queda Difícil Bajar de Peso

  •  Se ha sentido usted, que la cintura está perdiendo forma?
  • Que sus brazos están flojos y necesita esconderlos con una camisa de manga larga?
  • Su piel se esta poniendo flácida?

Usted no está sola, ya que como a usted esto le sucede a todas las mujeres que pasan de los 40. Así es, las hormonas juegan el principal papel en nuestros cuerpos.  Si quieren mantener una figura ideal, la mejor manera es balanceándolas.

La mejor manera de que esto se arregle es por medio del ejercicio y la buena nutrición.
Sabia usted que el exceso o falta de las hormonas llamadas estrógeno es el primer causante del cambio de vida en una mujer?

Por ejemplo si tiene exceso usted se va a sentir inflamada, súper sensitiva y con insomnio; aparte crea deficiencias en ciertas vitaminas como el zinc, magnesio y las vitaminas del complejo B.
Muy poco estrógeno  y va a sentirse mentalmente letárgica, con síntomas de depresión, aparte repercute con el aumento de riesgo de cáncer, aumenta la grasa corporal , reduce la tonificación vascular entre otros.

Todos estos síntomas pueden ser aliviados cambiando  algunos hábitos y estilo de vida.
Dedíquele de 30 mn a una hora diaria al ejercicio y mantenga una dieta balanceada en  cuanto a valor nutritivo y a calorías.

La falta de ejercicio y la mala nutrición entre otras son las causas del estrés y este es el resultado de tener esa cintura que tanto le molesta y esa piel flácida que de nada cae bien. El cuerpo se estresa por falta de actividad; cuando ingiere comidas altas en azucares, harinas refinadas y grasas saturadas.

Hay que esforzar el cuerpo, usar la fuerza,  usar esos músculos si quieren que esas hormonas se balanceen y  sus hormonas de crecimiento actúen, para que  su cuerpo se vea juvenil, fuerte y sin grasa.
Para esto hay que levantar pesas, SI me oyeron bien, y no pesas de 5 libras, la cantidad ideal de peso que debe levantar debe ser suficiente para fatigar el musculo que se está utilizando en una serie de 15 a 20 repeticiones.   Es una buena idea de por lo menos hacer 2 días a la semana  ejercicios de esfuerzo, e ideal si encuentra el tiempo para 3 veces a la semana

Dani Marlo haciendo 20 push ups 🙂

Ingiera proteínas animales que vengan de animales criados orgánicamente y estas que estén libres de grasa.

  • Carbohidratos: el carbohidrato es el nutriente que le aporta el azúcar a su cuerpo. Este debe venir de comidas lo más cercanas a la naturaleza:
  • Granos: todo tipo  frijol, lentejas, garbanzos. Cereales  como la avena, la papa dulce, el arroz integral.
  • Frutas en toda su variedad, cuidando que algunas tienen más alto contenido de azucares como el banano, uvas, mangos.
  •  Legumbres y verduras todas, y entre más variedad mejor. Estas deben de estar siempre en su plato.
    • Consuma carbohidratos ricos en fibra. (la mayoría de los ya nombrados)
    • Consuma la mínima cantidad en azucares procesadas y /o aun mas elimínelas por completo
  • Agua: Para saber cuánta agua necesita en un día divida su peso corporal en libras en 2, y lo que le dé es lo que debe tomar en onzas.

Ejemplo a 100 libras de peso tomar 50 onzas= 1.5 litro de agua diaria.

  • Grasas: Grasas naturales  y aceites no refinados.
    Las mujeres necesitan ingerir este tipo de grasas. El mito de dejar las grasas para no engordar es falso. La verdad es que necesita comer grasas incluyendo algunas que contienen colesterol. Las dietas bajas en grasa resultan perjudiciales para la salud de la mujer, para crecer y mantener muchos aspectos fisiológicos, incluyendo las membranas celulares, colesterol y hormonas. Un des-balance de grasas envía a su cuerpo a un estado de inflamación.
    Grasas óptimas serian: pescados (omegas 3) como el salmón,  sardinas, atún. Aguacates, nueces en estado natural; almendras, ajonjolí (no las que están pasadas por aceites o endulzadas); semillas de linaza; aceite de oliva es mejor que los aceites vegetales como el canola, el de maíz, soya etc. Ya que estos son altamente procesados.

Bueno acá tienen una guía, un camino, espero les haya sido de gran  ayuda;  no dejen que sus hormonas las dominen, más bien  que ustedes puedan y sepan manejarlas,  así llevar una vida sana y vivir feliz.
No existe la pastilla ni la dieta milagrosa solo el deseo y las ganas de sentirse BIEN!!!!

Dani a sus cincuenta y pico

“Que bonita es esta vida….Como dice la canción

Como le gustaría a usted sentirse a los 40, 50 o….?

Si te gusto el Blog y/o lo quieres compartir entra a mi Facebook, necesitamos más gente como TU para hacer de este un mundo Saludable & Positivo.

• Formar buenos hábitos es parte de tu crecimiento personal.
• Toma acción, acepta e invita a tus miedos para que te acompañen en tu camino al bienestar.
• Todo comienza con tu Máquina, tu Cuerpo, tu Templo, el que te ayudará a vivir plenamente en Salud y Espíritu; cuídalo, acéptalo y se agradecida con el que tienes.

El Perfecto Lugar Donde Encontrara Resultados Físicos

Puedo decirlo en voz alta y anunciarlo con gran orgullo que Dios me ha colocado y me ha dado la oportunidad de trabajar en BB3 Personal Training and Performance Center. Que más se le puede pedir a la vida, levantarse todos los días sabiendo que se va a trabajar a un lugar que irradia solamente buena energía; donde nuestros clientes son nuestra prioridad, y nuestro profesionalismo una pasión.

Tengo la fortuna de trabajar al lado de un gran equipo de entrenadores, donde cada uno de ellos tiene la motivación, la educación, el entusiasmo para con su carrera. Con Billy Beck III a la cabeza, siempre motivándonos, y compartiendo su sabiduría con nosotros. Su ímpetu por inspirar y enseñar lo lleva en cada poro de su piel, su meta en esta vida es “Vivir en un mundo más grandioso ( aquí le dicen “AWESOME”)” y lo está logrando…..

Aparte de ser el CEO de la compañía su pasión lo lleva a buscar los mas altos estándares, por eso ha creado una website, “Physical Mastery Coaching“, mediante el cual ha ayudado a miles de personas de diferentes regiones y países. Su deseo y meta con este programa es el de inspirar millones de personas para que tengan gran calidad de vida y así nuestro mundo será aun más grandioso.

Puede descubrirlo aquí: Physical Mastery Coaching. Cuando entre asegúrese de ver el video y como un especial de agradecimiento Billy está regalando su libro el cual lo tiene regularmente a un costo de $40.
If you want the english version go to:Finally An Online Personal Training Site That Works writen By Steve Van Zandt

Mi Medio Siglo!!!!

Llegar a los 50 años fue para mí una realización personal. MEDIO SIGLO!!!

Cuando estamos preparados física, sicológica y espiritualmente a llegar a ciertos momentos de nuestras vidas que por X motivos nos parecen que son aterradores, es ahi cuando debemos darnos cuenta, cuánto hemos invertido en nuestro ser y que le hemos dado a nuestro cuerpo y alma a través de los años en todos los aspectos: físico, mental, y relaciones personales.

En otras épocas a nuestros padres los veíamos MUY mayores cuando cumplían ya los 50. Sus cuerpos eran débiles, su manera de caminar y ver la vida ya eran más lentas, sus ideales y metas estaban enfocados en el momento de su retiro.
Es ahí cuando me di cuenta que uno puede hacer con su cuerpo, y mente lo que uno realmente desee…realmente lo que se quiera sin límites, sin restricciones. TODO ES POSIBLE…para eso hay que trabajar la mente, el cuerpo y las relaciones personales.
Por que como todo en la vida: si no hay trabajo no hay cambio y si no hay esfuerzo no hay crecimiento.
La mente es muy poderosa, es muy importante trabajarla positivamente, si solo ponemos pensamientos negativos los frutos serán negativos; pero si colocamos pensamientos positivos serán los frutos positivos.

La edad biológica es relativa, es la indicación del año que nacimos y nada más.. La edad que realmente cuenta es la edad mental, la que proyectamos. Son las ganas y la pasión que tenemos por la vida, de crecer, con la que alimentamos nuestro ser interior y nos abastecemos en el día a día.


Que tanto tiempo se dedica a utilizar su cuerpo físicamente?
Por lo menos 20 minutes diarios son recomendados que son el 1.4% de su día, de ejercicio físico, el cual le ayudara a endurecer los músculos de su cuerpo, a mover la sangre a través de cada órgano de su cuerpo, a mantener sus hormonas
balanceadas; a endurecer el músculo de su Corazón, a sentirse fuerte, ágil y FELIZ!!!

Que tanto tiempo se dedica a organizar su nutrición?
Qué tipo de comidas ingiere diariamente y que contienen?
Lo primero es tratar de comer comidas que estén lo más cerca a la madre naturaleza, que sean frescas.
Muy importante nutrir su cuerpo con vitaminas, minerales, nutrientes, y agua.
Evitar comidas empacadas en cajas, papeles celofanes, latas y comidas perecederas.
Se tomara 3 horas a la semana para programar lo que se va a comer en la semana. Como decía Hipócrates: “Deja que tu comida sea tu medicina y tu medicina tu comida”.
Recuerda que todo lo que injieras tendrá una consecuencia en tu organismo, y si injieres comidas óptimas tu cuerpo será óptimo y saludable. SUENA AGRADABLE!!!

Que tanto tiempo le dedica a su mente?
Si su respuesta es casi nunca o nunca, empiece con 3 minutos al día, sentado con la espalda recta, en un lugar calmado a escuchar su respiración y calmar cualquier pensamiento que le pase por la cabeza.
Con el tiempo se verá enfrentando la vida con más facilidad y claridad. El día tiene 24 horas y tres minutos son el 0.21% del día. No es difícil buscar ese porcentaje en el día. Y los resultados son SUPER!!!!!!

Lo ve? Es realmente poco tiempo comparado con la cantidad de tiempo que gastamos buscando escusas para no hacerlo posible. Es una inversión productiva, que requiere de deseo, de estar cometido a sentirse y verse saludable, siempre con excelentes resultados y verse de 35 anos cuando se tiene 55 anos.
Se preguntaran: “Y yo que ya pase de los 50 anostodavía puedo?” .SI, nunca es tarde para darle al cuerpo y a la mente lo que necesita….
WE LIVE ONCE y hay que hacer lo mejor que se pueda para que siempre haya calidad de vida.
“No dejamos de jugar porque envejecemos; envejecemos porque dejamos de jugar”. Proverbio

Fotos tomadas por GREGG AVEDON

Time to Slow Down.

There are moments in our lives when we need to come down, have a time for ourselves….but it is not easy to see them… it’s always a busy day, lots of things to be done.

So when an incident or a change comes, that’s a time that the universe is giving us to reconsider our lifes, more than regretting them or being angry for what happened I see them as an opportunity to grow ourselves.
By saying this, I learned this couple of months that the Universe or God (however you want to call it) gave me time to reflect in my personal life.
For the past two months after a knee injury when running which I love, I made a bad movement, and my meniscus torned, sprained and folded….. :o( ……time had to stop me and I had to start taking it easy.

Just for a coincidence the injury happened on the 9th of October and the surgery on the 9th of the December. This means a lot.

For two months I gave myself time to know my body by being incapacitated, and this I learned:

• That by being an active person I can still do many things with my body to exercise it. That we have many ways to use it in save modes. Pulling, pushing your upper body; rotating your core
This is a workout that I’ve been doing to sweat (cardio):

Circuit mode:
1. Tubing presses 50 reps
2. Tubing rows 50 reps
3. Tubing side chops 30 in each side
4. Single leg dead lift 20 in each side using my body weight ,
(Here I don’t need to use my knee its hamstring exercise the back of my legs)
5. 30 sit ups with a medicine ball

Did 4 times the circuit, resting 1 ½ minutes in between circuit
And I also incorporated boxing on different days, boxing is soooo much fun.

• That each part of my body is a s important as the rest and that we have to respect it and give them gratitude , that they are there for a reason
• That the healing process is just not about taking drugs. That the mind can cure everything.
and that being positive and believe in the process will make a huge difference.

And it did, I got much stronger mindfully and physically.
On the 9th of December I had to go for surgery.
Will keep you posted………………………

Keep Moving, Keep Smiling; WE LIVE ONCE!!!!!

Being in Balance as a Happy Woman

This article is dedicated to one of my lovely clients, who wants to be “Superwoman”: being the perfect business woman, many jobs at the same time; best mother; not having time to sleep and not being able to lose the weight around her waist where she accumulates stress.

For most women leaning their bodies out between the ages of 40 to 50sh sometimes is difficult. I always hear from my clients and friends, what a struggle is to get rid of those extra pounds. If it is hormonal imbalance, malnutrition, everything comes together in the same structure.
Excuses sometimes comes along, like:

  •  I don’t have the time
  • My work is too busy
  • The kids; and many more.

Whichever your excuses are…they are just excuses.

If you want to change the way your body looks and feel, make your life a priority, learn how to take care of yourself. This doesn’t mean being selfish or self-centered. Just think: “How can I take care of my loved ones if I don’t take care of myself….. and by not doing this, you will get sick?”

Here are 5 Steps to Start Applying:

1-Be in balance with yourself pay attention of what you need, you say, think and do.

-Set up goals
-Try not to go for extremes
-Be positive

2- Recognize your emotional aspects of your life
-Women at this age want to be “super women”, doing too much, handling many jobs at the same time.
-Be kind to yourself, forgive yourself, and refrain from judging yourself harshly. Give yourself a break.
-If you feel lonely find a group of people that relate to your needs. Volunteer, helps other people, this will bring you joy.
-Be with your family, enjoy them and be patience.

3-Recognize your physical aspects of your life:
-Get some type of exercise every day
Lift weights 2 to 3 times a week, that will definitely keep your hormones in balance, plus it helps you lean your body out.
-Do some type of cardio, walk, ride a bike, dance etc.

4-Recognize your spiritual aspects of your life.
-Indulge in some form of meditation or meditative exercises such as yoga, tai chi, or have some spiritual practice or higher purposes in your life. This will get you to the root of yourself and help you stay centered.

5- Recognize what’s your nutrition looks like:
-Balance your nutrition; take the macro and the micro nutrients: protein, vegetables, starchy carbohydrates, good fats, take your vitamins and drink plenty of water.
-Try to eat whole, natural foods, meaning the closest to earth growth.
-Eat vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts, organic meats, eggs.
-Avoid foods on a package, TV dinners, chips, cereals, cookies, etc.

Now is it easy? Maybe not but you can make it simple.

On the path you might find struggle, keep yourself up, and lift it up,

REMEMBER YOUR GOAL, it is always at the top of the mountain, and we may fall while getting there,

but we have to get up and Keep on Moving & Keep on Smiling,


We Live Once, we have to do the best we can to be in this planet earth. 🙂

Feel Good, Feel Healthy, Feel Happy!!!

I Have This Flabby Arms….and It Is Because of the Age

Flabby arms, means no exercise + not the right nutrition = slow metabolism
Sitting the other day with some 40sh women talking about how they exercise and nutrition habits:

Lady 1— “I don’t eat that much, and I don’t know why I don’t lose weight., My breakfast is something simple like an orange juice, coffee and a whole wheat toast, then I try to eat a small lunch like a yogurt and at night I eat with my family,( don’t ask her what she eats at night……why? because is whatever is on the table and maybe a little bit more….)

Lady 2—Do you exercise, because is important?
Lady 1—Oh but of course, I’m reading this awesome book, and the only place I can read it is at the gym while I do my cardio, so I go for 1 hour or so to walk on the treadmill.

Now girls 1st you are not putting the right nutrition into your body, and that is causing you to slow your metabolism
And 2nd if you can read a book while you do cardio, YOU ARE NOT DOING CARDIO, that’s a fact.

Try to put in your body 5 to 6 small meals that consist of lean protein; vegetables; starchy carbohydrates and good fats.
Exercise, do weight training, which will help you burn lots of fat while you get toned (no flabby arms) and your cardio should be in a mode that you can’t read a book, but you can talk or sing a song.

Keep Moving girls, WE LIVE ONCE !!!

“Fitness is a Journey Not a Destination”

We start exercising, or looking for the right “DIET”, and after a few weeks we start seeing some weight lost, feeling some new energy , and start feeling better. After a month we drop “enough”; and we start mumbling in our heads:
**“Ok, I’m done here, I lost, now I’m going to my old exercise routine, that “DIET” is boring, I will eat what I like, not what my body needs”.

The truth is that when you start with Fitness, exercising, healthy eating habits and not dieting, that’s where your journey starts, this is a continuous path….non stopping, feeling great with ourselves is not for a moment , it is for the rest of our life.

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Keep Moving!!! Keep Smiling!!! WE LIVE ONCE.