Aceptarse, una Gran Virtud


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Se ha sentido usted que tiene días en que quiere hacer miles de cosas pero su cuerpo no responde? Sabía usted que todos los días nuestros cuerpos están en constante cambios internos, nuestras células cambian, las hormonas se alteran y … Continue reading

León o Cordero?

Mi buen amigo y mentor Billy Beck III líder del Centro Profesional de Entrenamiento donde trabajo, lo dice muy claro en su blog: “Vivamos como Leones y no como corderos”. Billy ha inspirado miles de personas y a mí primordialmente con su dedicación y entusiasmo en demostrar que cuando uno quiere algo en la vida debe tomar acción y nunca dudar.
“Siempre comenzar un plan teniendo el resultado final en mente”. (Los 7 Hábitos de la Gente Altamente Eficiente) de Stephen Covey.

Todos podemos lograr nuestro cometido y hacer una diferencia en este mundo, lo importante es proponérnoslo y no vacilar en que somos capaces. La duda nos lleva al fracaso y cuando nos retiramos a nuestra de zona de confort es cuando los sueños se debilitan.

También para mi ha sido difícil hacer ejercicio o comer bien en días que no me siento al 100%.
Otras veces me levanto cansada, pero algo que aprendí y que pongo en práctica es:

Trabajar con una Meta Final en Mente: ”Mantenerme en forma, fuerte y con la energía necesaria para vivir FELIZMENTE”.

Esos días en vez de fuerza realizo ejercicios de resistencia física (menos peso, más repeticiones) o busco un ejercicio alterno “SIN EXCUSAS”. Si en otros momentos tengo deseos de algo dulce, buscaré algo que me tranquilice el ansia: Ya sea una fruta fresca o una pequeña cantidad de uvas pasas. Siempre encontraré la manera de calmarme sin dejar de seguir el camino que me propuse.

  • Cual es su meta final al hacer ejercicio?
  • Cual es su meta al empezar un trabajo?
  • Cual es su meta de mantener una relación con alguien.

Es lo que nos mantendrá enfocados en el camino que hemos de seguir, y sea cual fuese la excusa, hemos de continuar caminando.

El simple hecho de permanecer enfocada constantemente con mi propósito, en como me veo en un futuro cercano, escribiendo por lo menos una vez al mes las cosas que deseo lograr, realizando un plan de como me quiero sentir, me ha ayudado a captar mis mas profundos deseos de lo que quiero lograr y asi poder ayudar e inspirar a otros, eso es lo que me motiva.

Si usted está en este momento sintiéndose con ganas de empezar un plan de ejercicio, un plan alimenticio, mantener una relación o trabajo, anímese a escribir ahora mismo las cosas que le son de mayor importancia y pregúntese:

  • PORQUE las quiere lograr.
  • COMO va a tomar acción.
  • CUANDO las va a realizar.
    Comience, es ahora cuando debe sentirse bien, no mañana, no ayer ES YA ….TOME ACCION.

Como Billy dice: It is in moments of great pain, of great challenge, of the greatest adversity that we have an opportunity to become more. These are the moments when our character is forged into something to be proud of. This is where you go from living like a lamb to living like a LION.

“Es en momentos de gran dolor, de grandes desafíos, de grandes adversidades que tenemos la oportunidad de ser mas. Son estos momentos en que nuestro carácter se forja en algo de lo que podemos estar orgullosos. Es cuando dejas de vivir como un cordero y empiezas a vivir como un LEON.”

Gracias Billy 🙂

Que desafios tiene usted para comenzar o mejorar algo en su vida?

This Form of Exercise will Keep You Young

Resistance Training or Weight Training is probably the most neglected component of fitness programs but one of the most beneficial. Our body can basically be divided into 2 components. Fat mass consists of the body’s fat store, while fat free mass is a combination of non-fat tissue such as muscle, bone, internal organs etc. An important part of fat free mass is lean body mass, which is essentially muscle.

We all can do it!!!


  • Muscle is metabolically active tissue. This means that it utilizes calories to work, repair and refuel itself. Fat requires very few calories, it just kind of sits there.
  •  As we enter our mid to late twenties, we slowly start to lose muscle as part of the natural aging process. This means that the amount of calories we need each day starts to decrease and it becomes easier to gain weight.
  • By engaging in regular strength training exercise, it is possible to decrease this loss of lean muscle tissue and even replace some that has been lost already.

Studies have shown  Strength Training to increase lean body mass, decrease fat mass and increase resting metabolic rate (a measurement of the amount of calories burned per day)  These effects may make it easier to manage one’s weight.


  • Another beneficial effect of resistance training pertains to bone health. In addition to weight bearing cardiovascular exercise, weight training has been shown to help fight osteoporosis. For example, in postmenopausal women, 2 strength training sessions a week for one year increased bone mineral density by 1%. A sedentary control group lost 2% in the same time period .
  • Finally, in older populations, resistance training can help maintain the ability to perform functional tasks such as walking, rising from a chair, climbing stairs and even carrying their own groceries.

MOVE!!! Find a partner, a Trainer, put your music on and roll. This will give you lot’s of stamina, you will feel ALIVE, RENEW & HAPPY after a good workout 🙂 .Plus you will burn lots of calories and will gain strenght.

We Live Once….Keep Moving!!! Your Body and Mind will Appreciate it.

Do you have a program of exercises especially designed for you to accomplish your Physical goals?

Sabia usted que el ESTRES Engorda?


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El estrés afecta los hábitos alimenticios. Hace que la grasa corporal se acumule en el cuerpo. El cuerpo produce cortisol para manejar el estrés. Cuando el estrés se eleva, el cortisol también. Se ha visto repetidamente que la gente obesa tiene … Continue reading

Simple and Effective Ways to Stay Focused with your Healthy Habits.

Living a healthy and happy life is a day to day work. It takes commitment and discipline both for yourself and for your own well-being. Ask yourself every morning “How do I want to Feel today?” I know I have lived and experienced it, that it is better not to exercise or choose healthy foods because of whatever excuse comes into our head. We sometimes prefer to just get the basic things done for our daily lives and including living a healthy lifestyle is not in that schedule.

I want to share a story from a young man; an inspiration for me and I hope it does ring some bells for you too.

This regular young man wanted to enjoy his college moments as every kid at their 20s wants; to have a college degree, party and get good grades. That is the path that he has chosen. On the same token, his vision was that while he was doing it he wanted to engage in healthy habits that might stay with him and keep them through his whole career. The point here is that now after graduating and pursuing his dream job, he found himself living in a city far from friends and family. He has to work shifts from 8 to sometimes 10 hours a day, starting at 7am and taking him 45 minutes to drive.

Now from this scenario I am sure you can think of many excuses why not to stay healthy, eat right, and time management right?

  • “I don’t have time”
  • “I have to drive for almost 1.30 hours just to get to and from work”
  • “I’m tired and prefer to go to a drive thru and get over it with my meals”
  • “I choose not to exercise because it’s too early at 4 am and too late at 8 pm, I need to rest”


The truth here is that, instead of making these excuses, this man decided to find a way to eat healthy and get his workouts done. This is an example of the right discipline, mindset and decision to stay in your goal NO MATTER WHAT!!!

  • In the morning his gym backpack is ready in his car: tennis shoes, workout clothes, ipod and towel
  • 2 to 3 nights per week he cooks for 3 to 4 days
  • Packs yogurt, fruits, almonds, or vary nuts to snack on at work
  • Protein shake in a ziplock bag ready to mix in water
  • After work he goes straight to the gym

Once he is done, he goes home and in some days he already has food already made in the freezer. Now what amazes me is that after working a long shift, working out, he takes his time to cook his dinner for that night and lunch (left overs) for the next day. This is the only time he has to prepare his meals.

Regularly I ask my clients to take some time on the weekend and cook for the whole week. But for him his weekend is precious in terms of going out and having a good time. With all of this, he finds time to travel and engage in fun activities. These meals are well designed: good protein, mix of vegetables and sometimes either rice with spices or some kind of potatoes. He knows his commitment is to stay healthy and active during the week and if by the weekend he decides to party, he will get back on track at the end of that weekend.

In conclusion, no matter what your goal is:

  • You need to take action.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • You need to stay focused, live life with balance and be disciplined.
  • This is an everyday job, every day you should take some step to walk your path and with patience you will achieve whatever your goal is.

“You reap what you sow”

Proud Mama 🙂

5 Easy Steps to Lose Weight and Get Fit.

Are you the type of person that wants to feel:

  • FIT

Well, if you answer is YES!!! Give yourself 30 mn. a day to bring that stamina to your body and mind.

How? Easy….  Yeap you can make it easy, enjoyable, & fun. That always happens when you move your body and challenge your muscles.

I’ve been in the same page as you, and because of that, I have drafted some simple steps that you can follow in order to get your workouts done more effectively, EVERY TIME.

5 Easy steps:

  1. Get out of bed 45 earlier, I know is easy to come up with many excuses. COMMIT, you will feel a totally different person, with more energy, fit and healthy. You will see results, after some days,  this routine will transform into a habit that you would not want to miss..I promise  :o)
  2. Have a light breakfast, could be a small oatmeal pancake or a protein shake
  3. Have a time space where you can work out, either in your house or if you have a place to go like a gym, club etc.
  4. Feel optimistic, say to yourself: ” I CAN AND I WILL DO IT”.This will be your mantra.


You need:


  • Will to feel fit, healthy and happy
  • Pulling rubber band tubings that you can adjust to the door. This tubing can be bought by strength, choose your color and challenge yourself a bit.
  • A mat or a towel
  • Stability ball
  • 1 pair of weights of 5 lbs. ( I remember I used to take the duffle bag of golf balls from my husband as weights) whatever works.


  • Do 20 repetitions of each exercise
  • Rest 10 seconds between exercises
  • Rest 1 mn between each circuit
  • Stay hydrated. WATER
  • PLEASE breathe and control the movements.

The circuit is as follows:

1-Squat Curl & Press

  • Place the stability ball between the wall and your lower back.
  • Place your feet hip distance apart.
  • Keep your back straight.
  • Squat…sit, knees should go to 90* not lower, to start.
  • Take the weights on your hands: as you come up from the squat you will bend your elbows for a bicep curl and then press them up for a shoulder press. Bring them down and continue with the squat.








2-Chest Press: Place the tubing on the door, facing against the door Chest press; making sure you keep your balance and go for full range of motion.

3- Rows: Now face the door, take the handles on your hands and with the tubing, row (pull) elbows all the way back.

4-Bridges: Lay down on the mat or towel on your back.  Bend your knees, bringing the soles of the feet flat onto the ground. Lift your pelvis up, and come down.

5-Crunches: On the floor stay with the same posture as before. Place your hands behind your neck, and do crunches, trying not to pull your head. Effort is at the stomach.

Do this circuit 2 -3 times. You will lose lots of calories & you will feel AMAZING 🙂

Isn’t nice to have time for ourselves to feel  strong and burn some calories?

Keep Moving & Keep Smiling!!!

Staying Fit & Healthy while in India

Thank you for your continued support in following my blog. Before ending my Journey in India, I want to talk about how to be fit and healthy while traveling internationally.

Being healthy, exercising and eating right should be a lifestyle, a way of living, not just something you do when you are at home. I say that because I just came from a 15 day trip to India and it is always a challenge to eat properly, to choose wisely and to be focused while being out of the usual routine.

To do so, I prepared myself beforehand in case I would not find the proper foods.

In India, the food is mostly vegetarian. Fresh produce should not be eaten raw because of the parasites and untreated water. In the most part you are prone to eat carbohydrates like rice, beans, breads and cooked vegetables with lots of spices. Almost everything is spicy and salty.

Food is tasty and delicious and has a variety of flavors. I had to be careful with what I chose and with my portion control. I didn’t want to damage my vacation neither my health; I wanted to stay healthy so I could enjoy my trip, absorb everything I needed to learn and be strong to keep my journey safe.

Things I brought with me:

• Vegetarian protein shakes, one every morning mixed with Greens (A concentrated super food that contains Sea Vegetables and High-Energy Herbal Extracts.)


• Multivitamins

• Vitamin C

• Electrolytes: to keep my body hydrated

• Omega 3 oil

• Lots of mixed raw nuts with shredded coconut, dates and raisins (A healthy snack I invented to fill me up on the go)

• Organic bars: some with protein, some with dried fruits

• Grape Seed Extract: With each meal I had 6-7 drops of grape fruit seed extract so if for any reason I eat something that is not that clean my body would be protected from bacteria, Candida and or parasites

• Colloidal Silver:  -Add to suspected drinking water when traveling or camping.
-Use topically on cuts, wounds, abrasions, rashes, sunburn, insect bites, razor nicks and bandages. Safely sterilized toothbrushes

• Paraguard:  Provides intestinal defense to maintain healthy flora. A high-potency botanical supplement utilized for intestinal defense. Contains ingredients shown to exhibit activity against a variety of intestinal organisms. Recommended for when you travel.

My meals consisted basically of white rice, cooked vegetables with potatoes , different types of legumes in a broth and a spiced yogurt , always accompanied with a bread called “Roti” or “Naan” which has gluten and ghee (Ghee is made by first making butter, and then clarifying it) , now did I try it? Yes, but I did not over eat it.

 There is an option of gluten free type of potatoes filled crepes and herbs called “Masala Dosa” which I also ate in moderation; by the way these are delicious.


 If I had the opportunity to have fruit I would have the one you could peel, which are the safe ones. The ones that you can’t peel are better to avoid for the same reason as the vegetables.


Exercising the body and the mind:

Exercise was a must, so doing Kundalini Yoga was a part of keeping my body healthy and moving it in stretching poses. Every morning we used to wake up to start our yoga class at 5am for an hour. Then, at 2:30 pm we had another yoga workshop for another hour. Both classes were given by our amazing teachers. Mind exercise was meditating after each class of yoga for an hour.

We had the experience of meditating in different places which were very interesting:
• Near the Ganges River in Rishikesh
• On the beach in front of the Ganges River
• And at the Golden Temple in Amritsar

As I mentioned in my previous blog, Rishikesh is located in the foothills of the Himalayas. So one day we hired a tour guide to take us and hike the Himalayas where we could get into some temple up on the top. I want to share, that after almost a year (since I had my knee surgery) my knee behaved at an optimum level; she was happy and did her job all the way up for 3 hours. Also we did lots of walking to get to places.

So, in conclusion, it is a matter of finding and organizing your journey in order to stay healthy and fit even when you are out of the routine.

**I hope you enjoyed this personal story of mine. Check back in the near future for more experiences and pointers on how to stay healthy.***

 We Live Keep Moving & Be Happy!!!




Avoid taking these toxic Protein Powders….

If you are supplementing with a protein shake for whatever reason, you MUST read this article I found.

Dr. Joseph Mercola is an accredited doctor helping millions of people on how to live healthy.

Consumer Reports purchased 15 protein powders and drinks and tested multiple samples of each for arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury. Levels in several of the products could, with just three servings a day, result in daily exposure to arsenic, cadmium, or lead exceeding USP limits.
When taking into account the large serving size suggested, the number of micrograms per day for these products was comparatively high.

Dr Joseph Mercola comment:
The protein shakes tested by Consumer Reports are frequently used by not only body builders, but also “regular folks,” including some pregnant women, who use them as meal replacements to lose weight and increase muscle mass.
Unfortunately, some of these products turn out to be significantly contaminated with heavy metal toxins such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury.
Of the 15 protein drinks tested, three of them contained very worrisome levels of arsenic, cadmium and lead.

Which Protein Drinks Fared the Worst?
Three daily servings of the ready-to-drink liquid EAS Myoplex Original Rich Dark Chocolate Shake contained an average of:
• 16.9 µg (micrograms) of arsenic
• 5.1 µg of cadmium
The proposed United States Pharmacopoeia’s (USP) limits for these two toxins are 15 and 5 µg respectively.
The worst of the products tested was Muscle Milk Chocolate powder, which contained all four toxic metals; three of them at the highest levels of all products tested. Three daily servings of this particular brand and flavor contained an average of:
• 5.6 µg cadmium
• 13.5 µg of lead
• 12.2 µg of arsenic
• 0.7 µg of mercury
Muscle Milk’s Vanilla Crème contained slightly less lead, but still exceeded the USP lead limit of 10 µg.
A fourth product, Muscle Milk’s liquid Nutritional Shake Chocolate, also tested high in arsenic, providing you with an average of 14.3 µg of arsenic per day, which is very close to the USP limit.
Clearly, getting a potentially toxic dose of heavy metals with your daily protein drink is not what you had in mind, but based on these results, that may indeed be what you’re getting…
Arsenic and Cadmium
Arsenic and cadmium appear to be the most problematic here, as the levels of these two compounds in some cases exceeded maximum “safe” limits. However it’s worth noting that, ideally, you don’t want to ingest these toxins at any level, other than what might naturally occur, as even low-dose exposure can contribute to lingering health problems.
Various toxins can also act together synergistically, creating even more potent, damaging effects.

Exposure to low levels of arsenic can cause nausea and vomiting, decreased production of red and white blood cells, abnormal heart rhythm, damage to blood vessels, and a sensation of “pins and needles” in your hands and feet. Long-term exposure has been linked to cancer of the bladder, lungs, skin, kidney, nasal passages, liver and prostate.
Cadmium is also a known human carcinogen. It damages DNA and also disrupts a DNA repair system that helps to prevent cancer.
According to ABC News, cadmium also “raises special concern because it accumulates in and can damage the kidneys… and it can take 20 years for your body to eliminate even half the cadmium absorbed today.”

A Safer, Healthier Alternative
Fortunately, preventing exposure to toxins like arsenic, cadmium and lead is possible by making sure you’re eating as much organic foods as possible, and that includes your protein drinks.
As stated in ABC News’ article, cadmium in particular is also prevalent in plants foods such as potatoes, rice, and leafy greens. However, this problem is mainly due to the fact that conventionally-farmed produce is frequently grown using fertilizers that contain cadmium, which is then absorbed by the plant through the soil. Organic farms do not use these types of toxic fertilizers, which prevent the soil and crop from being contaminated in the first place.

Likewise, organic whey protein produced from grass-fed, non-hormonally treated cows that is minimally processed is also an assurance of purity. And whey protein, a by-product of milk and cheese, is often referred to as the gold standard of protein.
While I cannot recommend using nearly any of the commercial protein shakes on the market, I strongly believe that whey protein powder is a very healthful supplement to your diet and an excellent source of protein.*
However, the source of the whey if of primary importance, as is the way it’s processed.
Most commercial whey products are derived from pasteurized dairy and processed with heat and acid. Many are also artificially sweetened. All of these factors render them completely useless from a health perspective.

Whey from organic grass-fed dairy, on the other hand, contains beneficial immuno components, including immunoglobins, bovine serum albomin, and lactoferins, in addition to all the key amino acids and other beneficial nutrients you typically get from a high quality whey protein.*

The Many Health Benefits of Whey Protein
Whey protein has been linked to a variety of health benefits, including:
• Helping your pancreas-produced insulin work more effectively, which supports balanced blood sugar levels*
• Promoting healthy insulin secretion*
• Helping to promote your optimal intake of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals needed for your overall wellness*
• Supporting your immune system, as it contains immunoglobulins*
• Helping you preserve lean body tissue (particularly during exercise) as it delivers bioavailable amino acids and cysteine*
• Maintaining blood pressure levels that are already within the normal range*
But the health benefits of whey do not end there.
As I mentioned earlier, most commercial whey products contain whey protein derived from pasteurized, commercial dairy sources. Unfortunately, pasteurized milk is almost entirely devoid of these glutathione-producing compounds, so when selecting a whey product, I strongly recommend making sure your whey protein supplement has the following features:
1. Whey is derived from grass-fed cows that are not treated with pesticides or hormones
2. Cold processed, since heat destroys whey’s fragile molecular structure
3. Whey protein concentrate, not protein isolates
4. Sweetened naturally, not artificially, and low in carbohydrates
5. Highly digestible—look for medium chain fatty acids (MCTs), not long chain fatty acids
So keep in mind, protein drinks can be quite beneficial, whether you’re working out and want to increase muscle or using them to supplement an otherwise healthy diet, but quality is everything, and drinking something that’s contaminated with heavy metals won’t do you any good.*
Buyer beware.
Making sure that the product you buy fulfills the healthy criteria mentioned in this article will ensure that you’re getting the safest, healthiest protein supplement possible.

Note: At BB3 Training Center we have the highest quality of Protein Shakes.

  We Live Once….. Invest in the best quality of foods; your body will appreciate it.


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• Creating good habits is part of your personal growth.
• Take action, accept and invite your fears to accompany you on your wellness path.
• It all starts with your Body, Your Machine, Your Temple, the one who will support you live fully in Health and Spirit; take care of it, accept it and be grateful with the one you have.



What Is Kundalini Yoga, and it’s Benefits


  •     ∞KUNDALINI YOGA is a dynamic form of yoga that combines breath, movement, meditation,   rhythmic sound and deep relaxation.

 ∞The elementary awareness of Kundalini Yoga is to remove inner conflict and radiate to be happy.

  ∞It is practical for the average person, because it works to release tension and energize in a short period of time, regardless of degree of flexibility or experience.

∞ It is the awakening of your  awareness and will take you to your original self.

∞ When it is awakened this car of yours will be driven by the soul, not by the negative ego.

∞These classes are taught in the tradition of Yogi Bhajan who first brought Kundalini Yoga to the west in 1969.

∞This yoga is taught in specific sequences of exercises (kriyas) that create optimum health by strengthening the immune system, balancing the glands and creating a heightened level of awareness.

This Sunday May 20th 9-10:30am Kundalini Yoga class @ BB3 Training Center

Supporting our Soldiers!!!

We Live Once so lets start to awaken our true self and live with passion!!!

How Committed Are You?

Are you investing 60, 100 or 150% of your effort and time to accomplish your goals in life?
Talking to one of my dearest clients I heard this statement:

– “Diana I do not believe I can ever change a pattern that I have been doing since I’m 4 years old, that’s the way I am”.

Why is it so important to believe that you can be or do whatever you want?
Because that’s what’s going to drive you to take action, to get results in whatever area of your life.

Let me give you an example:

You are opening a business, let’s say a store.  Your goal is to have clients, and the main reason to open a store is to earn money, right?

My question is:
• Does your business have a potential?
• Do you believe in that new business to be successful?
• Are you planning to get money out of it?
Hope all the answers are YES

Now what’s the plan?

If you are telling me that you want to start a new business but:

• You can’t wake up early, need more time to sleep.
• You are not investing on the best quality of supplies.
• That the business even though it is important to you, you will promote it later.
• That it is not essential to hire the right people.
Well..  Chances are this business is not getting anywhere; See you need to have a vision.

Same happens with your health:

• Lose that unwanted weight that’s making you not feel so good;
• Keep waking up every morning tired, with no energy, putting into your body food that supposedly will give you the energy (like sugar and caffeine) but at the end will harm you and will make you more sluggish. Hope NOT.
• Putting aside exercise for later.
• Not investing time in learning or finding the right teacher to guide you on your way.

Do you believe in yourself, that you can have results; that you can accomplish your goal?



Studies have shown that you can train your mind and your thoughts with many different techniques: Hypnosis, EFT, Meditation, and many more.

So the statement that:
 -“I can’t “BE” or do “THIS” because since I was little I have been doing it”.
 It is just an excuse, there are infinitely ways to train yourself to be who you really want to be and how you really want to feel.
You  have to work hard, put effort, not 60,100 but 150% of your input. It’s not easy, but if that is what you REALLY want to accomplish in life, BELIEVE in it, DREAM with it and MAKE it a reality, chances are you will MANIFEST IT.

To learn more into this subject I do recommend the CD’s or books from:
• Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D. “The Biology of Belief”. He explains how our minds work
•  Dr. Wayne W. Dyer “Excuses Begone!” and “The Power of Intention”.
This information will provide you the way to enter and look inside of yourself, by helping you clean the rough edges and leaving the field open for new ideals and new paths.

• Eat well
• Exercise
• Have a hobby
• Feed your mind on a daily basis with positive ideas, thoughts and positive people.

 This is Lisa: Who believed in herself and believed that she could accomplish her goal:


Always the happy bookworm, I never stepped into a gym or exercised until I was 38 years old. Consequently, although I have never been considered overweight, I was at a point where I was always on a diet eating less than 1000 calories a day in order to maintain my weight. I was always tired, and it took effort just to stand up straight. NO, I AM NOT EXAGGERATING! This really is not ideal when you are a physician and have to see patients by day, and be a wife and mother of two by night. When I complained to my husband “Not now honey, I’m too tired,” it actually was the truth!

So in October of 2007, I joined a gym and hired a trainer and finally knew what it was like to have some energy and be able to eat four to five times a day. Diana who has been my trainer, my persecutor, my psychologist, my pillar, and my friend ever since. She brought me to BB3 where she watched my muscles grow and atrophy along with my waistline multiple times. Excuses Diana has had to endure:
“I’m not an A list celebrity, I don’t get paid millions of dollars to have a perfect body.”
“I was on vacation. How many times will I get to be in France, Italy, Napa- you have to enjoy the food.”
“I had surgery on my wrist.”
“I work.”
“I’m over forty.”
“I don’t want to talk about it.”

Then came the 90 day challenge, and Diana urged me to sign up and do the work once and for all. I was skeptical since I knew I could never actually “win” since I didn’t need to lose a huge amount of weight. In this economy who wants to throw money away?
I succumbed to the pressure. I paid up. I trained. I did the cardio. I drank the shakes. I ate clean. I lost 3.5% body fat. I lost 6 inches around the middle. I made Diana jump for joy.

But truly, the best part of the challenge was being able to set and achieve a goal that I did not think was possible for me anymore. I still can’t believe that I didn’t quit and I’m mystified by how much weight l can lift. I have more energy at 41 years old than I have ever had, and I can stand up straight both physically and mentally. Thanks to the BB3 family for setting an extraordinary example for me. Thanks to Diana for inspiring me, pushing me, and believing in me.
Lisa Rosenberg

What Would You Do if You Wanted to Make Progress in Your Health?

Being a Doctor, Engineer, Fitness Professional, Architect, etc, which ever your field is, doesn’t mean that you know EVERYTHING from bottom to end. As the famous quote says: ” The more you learn, the more you realize how little you know”.

 For the past 5 months I have been recuperating from a knee surgery, which has been a slow process and  has required  lots of patience; patience I can handle, I have been doing Physical Therapy; bought a bike which I ride 3 times a week, exercise my knee to strengthen it, eat right, take my supplements, do yoga, be positive minded and rest it. 

Sometimes I do want to start playing around, jumping, running, however I am not there yet. I know I can keep my daily life without these activities, but for me this is not the quality of life I want to live; I desire to be 100%, which made me feel the need to knock on MORE doors.  So I did that, finding AMAZING human beings that have taught me and guided me through the process of my healing. “There is always room for improvement”, I wanted to get more tools.

• Dr. Lee Vickers from Bodies of Light, Holistic Doctor helped me with my general health.
•  Super Trainer and amazing friend Steve Van-Zandt guided me through a series of exercises beneficial for my knee.
• Kika Mela, from Mela Therapeutics, did M.A.T.  (Muscle Activation Technique)
• Dr. Elliot Cintron, Chiropractor from Health Source, released some tension and scar tissue around the knee with ultrasound.

• Nevertheless, the inspirational teachings from Billy Beck III blog,s post, “Words to Live By”  that has the potential to change your body and your life also helped me. Check it out.

These incredible people with lots of knowledge and BIG HEARTS put me on the path where I wanted to be. Now I have to leave the rest to “ time”.
Keep Moving & Keep Smiling……We Live Once!!!