Bread and Butter Alternatives

  • Do you want to lose those extra pounds?
  • Do you want to stay fit?
  • Do you want to be Healthy?
  • Do you want to be Happy?

Well if your answer is YES let’s GO:

I hear all the time: “I don’t want to give up all foods Diana”
Well: “YOU DON’T HAVE TO”; I know how frustrating it is to renounce at all the foods we enjoy.
I lived it for MANY years, there is always a way out.

Why it is recommended to replace some foods?
Because they will provide more nutrients to help you stay full longer, increase your metabolism, help you lose fat and balance your hormones. Sounds good right?

As I began my journey in Health, Fitness and Wellness, and as I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and later on with Hashimoto Disease, I began to understand what foods I needed to eat in order to feel and stay healthy. If your goal is to lose weight, stay healthy, happy and in shape this WILL concern you.

Ladies, life has to be simple, we are always busy women, so stay organized, have clarity of what you want to accomplish, write down your goals for every day/week, I promise your life will run smoothly.


I wish to emphasize why sometimes calories are not as important as the ingredients the product is made of.

-Don’t get me wrong: if you are in a special diet and or health issues, you might want to consider your calories- but what I am referring here is that instead of guiding yourself in calories, notice the real food you are putting into your body, foods that comes and grow from nature not from a laboratory.

Bread & Butter


Who doesn’t LOVE the rich aroma of freshly baked bread?
We have been eating this food for centuries, and in Jewish tradition we blessed the Challah on Shabbat.
We also have been eating sandwiches in all its forms, with different type of foods, sauces inside.
Yes I made my point, I like bread and I haven’t met someone who doesn’t.

If you suffer from Celiac Disease,  Hypothyroidism, want to lower the inflammation or any other ailment, you may want to try Breads & Tortillas Gluten Free made from Brown Rice, Quinoa or Millet.

 The NON recommended:

Take a look at the ingredients of the different types of regular breads: Even though the light version is low in calories and you can eat 3 slices for 140 calories, you are eating ingredients that will harm your body in the long run.

Like: High Fructose Corn Syrup; Unbleached enriched wheat flour (this is a process of transformation of the wheat with chemicals).bread

bad ingredientes






Great Alternatives:

Instead, these other brands are loaded with high good ingredients, you will eat less and fill your body with the good stuff.

(I’m not promoting or getting any commission here …I wish 🙂 )
Gluten Free bread made from Brown Rice is a good alternative.

nutrition facts gluten free english muffns

english muffins gluten free








I also like Ezequiel Bread, a brand that sprouts all its ingredients to give them life. This brand has wheat; it is easy to digest but is NOT gluten free.

nf ezequielezekiel-bread2

Did you know that for you to lose weight, stay healthy and balance your hormones you need to eat the right fats?

And what about butter, yes: REAL BUTTER?
Why bother buying butter that is not butter, made of chemicals to give the butter taste and low in calories.


Why in the world would you like to ingest into your beautiful and amazing body: Vegetable oils; Modified Corn Starch; Soy Lecithin(Containing GMO’s), Artificial Flavors?

I found this butter called Ghee which I have been using with amazing results.IMAG0489

Ghee is an Indian clarified butter without any solid milk particles or water. Ghee is used in India and throughout South Asia in daily cooking. Good quality ghee adds a great aroma, flavor and taste to the food.

Ghee can be a great asset for people on low fat diets since even a lower quantity of ghee can add more flavor to the food than any other oil or fat product. According to the ancient Ayurveda, a moderate amount of ghee is the best cooking oil. You can make it yourself.
And yes, Ghee has a lot of calories from fat so please use it in moderation.

The point here is to learn to eat REAL food, even if they come packed with more calories, you will get fuller soon and you will end up eating less and the best: NO cravings and balanced hormones. Guaranteed!!!

“The key to success is in learning what you need to eat, read ingredients of each product you buy and be aware of the portion control.”

For your Health and Happiness 🙂

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