Accepting What Is!!!

How many times we want to do something that is calling us loudly inside and because of fear we resist it?
Does this has happened to you?Foto It is What it is crop

For many years all I was hearing in my heart was:
-“Share, Teach and Serve Diana about Wellness and Positivism, there are people that want to listen”-
And how many excuses did I make? TONS!!!

Now when the Universe/God has given me a new Journey/ Adventure and is showing me that, it’s all about me; now I say:


So my dear Friends, I want to invite you to my new Journey/ Adventure.
What is it that new Journey/ Adventure people ask me?
You look thin; you shaved your hair….
Now I need to accept my new path and name it:


In this path 3 words will walk with me:
Joy, Love & Faith

3 words will not be welcome:
Sorrow, Sickness & Negativity

Yes, there will be good and bad days, but it’s all in how I handle my mind, soul, body and nutrition.
Life is a gift, so for me being Grateful for every second, every smile and every connection I have it’s a gift from the Universe/ God.

Let’s Keep Moving & Keep Smiling

Love 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Accepting What Is!!!

  1. Así es Diana. Seguir la vida y vivir con amor salud mental y física y positivismo para tener una vida plena y llena de esperanza y fe. Cuídate mucho!!! Y siempre a tu lado

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