The 14 Day Detox-Finish Line

Have you ever cleaned your house thoroughly, I mean spring-cleaning kind-of-deep?

That’s how I relate the detox I just did for the last two weeks. It’s like moving all the furniture, vacuuming the floor, scrubbing, dusting, removing all the dirt and when all is done, accommodating the furniture again. That’s exactly what I did for the past 14 days.

happy dance blogA lovely friend asked me:
Diana why would you detox if you are a vegetarian and you always eat clean?
I answered her that it wasn’t always true. Even if you eat properly, you might not be eating clean 100% of the time; which is ok and normal as a human being. Also, you get toxins not just from food but also from the air, things you come into contact with and products you use.
I had never done a detox and I really wanted to experience it.

This is What I Learned:

Our Mind Drives Us to Food.
Being in this 14 day detox with a specific list of foods, everything turned out to be much easier than I expected. I didn’t feel hungry at all and more importantly I was determined to finish so I prepared my mind for the challenge and my body followed suit. I wasn’t hungry
When we are careless and don’t plan our meals for the week, we tend to eat whatever is convenient in the moment. Our mind drives us to what we desire more than to what we really need.

-With the Right Food You Will Never be Hungry or Have Cravings
During that time, I was pleasantly surprised to discover, that I really didn’t have any cravings, not even for chocolate. Not even the smell of coffee could tempt me; I just wasn’t driven to it.
When we eat according to our needs our body runs smoothly.

Like Anything Else in Life, the Road is Not Always Easy
Comparing it to when you run a race, have a deadline at work, have a goal,
You start with enthusiasm, positivism and ready to go; halfway through your mind begins to doubt:

  • Is this what I really need to do?
  • What if I just finish it here?
  • This is too hard on me; I don’t need to punish myself?
  • Or you may add any other reason here.

It’s a matter of organizing your meals, adding flavor to them, buying the vegetables you enjoy. Love yourself and keep in mind how you will feel at the end, once you have completed it.

During These Days it is Advisable to be Loving with Yourself by Accepting the Present Moment
I usually take vitamins, and because I stopped them, I found myself being more outdoors and taking my vitamin D naturally.

  • Journaling and meditating more.
  • Exercising and doing yoga.
  • Taking looooong baths.

– It Is Important to Have Cravings of Feeling Good
Taking every single morning two tablespoons of olive oil with the grapefruit was not fun at all, changing daily routines neither.

Deep inside of you there is a hunger, a craving, to feel loved; to feel awesome. When you bring out that part, you will do what-ever it takes to accomplish that feeling. And there is nothing more enthusiastic, more joyful than feeling Healthy, Happy and Outstanding.

So I ask: what does it take to achieve, change or complete something that you have always wished for, that is going to drive you to success?

Now I have more energy; my digestion is running smoothly, I feel aligned with myself, my eyes are brighter, my skin. It was totally worth it.

All what I learned, applies to your everyday life, not just when you are detoxing.

Remember this is a program specifically designed for 14 days to cleanse the liver and gallbladder. With a balanced, organic and natural diet, you will be feeling also amazing by keeping a healthy body weight and staying happy.

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  1. WOW TIA!!!! this is awesome!!
    que chevere.
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